Waterwise 3D with Makhro Home & Garden

Waterwise 3D with Makhro Home & Garden

Cuts watering by up to 50%!

Wetting agents were developed in the 1960s, initially to improve the wetting ability of soilless media. These compounds lower the surface tension of water allowing it to spread, penetrate and be absorbed by dry soil and potting mixes by weakening the cohesive properties of water while strengthening its adhesive properties.

Due to South Africa’s frequently dry, hot environment, many soils are becoming ever more water repellent. Wetting agents may offer a solution with many benefits:

Improved water, irrigation, and fertilizer efficiency

As wetting agents prevent water surface repellence and improves the distribution of water throughout the root zone, more water becomes available to the plant and irrigation efficiency is optimized – with obvious cost and environmental benefits.

Disease management and prevention

Wetting agents not only allow water, fertilizer and fungicides to be distributed evenly, it also maintains adequate air and moisture levels in the soil thus producing healthier, stronger plants.

Water conservation and sustainability

By reducing water run-off and evaporation, quality plants are produced with less water – a viable tool in improving sustainability.

Waterwise 3D is a highly effective, eco-friendly wetting agent which delivers many benefits. It is a must-have for any grower, commercial or other.

Waterwise 3D is available in 1Lt liquid and 400g granular.


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