We have added yet another showstopper product to our existing range of fantastic products. Our latest product addition, Trojan Ant Bait, is a ready-to-use granular bait. Conveniently available in a 200 g shaker jar to easily control ants outdoors, around domestic premises, buildings, lawns, turfgrass, parks, even golf courses.

You can either quickly treat the perimeter by lightly sprinkling the granules in a band of 0,5 m wide around the edge of buildings where ants are active. (If you notice any ant trails, cracks, and crevices where ants may be able to enter the structure, make sure to treat those areas as well.)

Or you can go for gold and efficiently target the nest by sprinkling approximately 30 g Trojan Ant Bait granules around active ant nests. It is essential not to apply the bait directly in or onto the nest. Instead, leave it undisturbed, as it will agitate the ants, and they may not feed on the bait.

Be a little patient as Trojan Ant Bait granules could exhibit a delayed action. It is crucial to allow enough time for the bait to be transferred within the colony before the ants die. Also, keep in mind that you will not usually see dead ants where they are foraging, in other words, where you sprinkled the bait. For Trojan Ant Bait to take effect, the foraging workers will carry the granules back to their nests. It is readily transferred from one ant to another through typical food exchange between the ants within the colony. Reduced activity and dead ants around the entrances of their nests should be noted around 5 – 7 days after baiting.

Bait acceptance by ants depends on their food preferences which may change depending on the requirements of the nest. You may sometimes notice that ants don’t immediately take the bait; this does not call for concern; this only happens as they may already be foraging at other food or water sites.

Trojan Ant Bait will control many common structure-invading ants before entering a building with the correct application. Do not apply any other insecticides on top or close to the bait to avoid reducing the effectiveness.

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