The long and the short of lawn care with Protek

The long and the short of lawn care with Protek

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The long and the short of lawn care

No matter how much effort you put into your landscaping, your garden won’t look good if your lawn is not looking good. A beautiful, lush, healthy lawn requires time and effort, as it complements the rest of your garden and if you spend a little time and effort and follow the tips below, you too can have a lawn that is the neighbours’ envy.


Watering your lawn is required to supply the right amount of moisture for healthy growth and it keeps the soil cool. Water early mornings during the coolest time of the day to reduce evaporation. Adjust the watering of your lawn according to the soil type.  If you have loam soil, give your lawn a good soaking once a week, around 25 mm of water per week.  This is the perfect amount of water and will keep your lawn hydrated. Sandy soils must be watered more frequently as they drain quicker.  Clay soils tend to retain water, and this could prevent your lawn from using the moisture. 

Warm season grasses require a deep watering to force the roots to grow deeper.  Cool season lawns, however, require more frequent and shallow watering as the roots systems do not grow deep. When the lawn blades do not spring back as you walk across your lawn, it requires watering.  A healthy lawn feels soft under your feet.


One of the most important lawn care requirements for a beautiful lawn, is correct and regular mowing.  Make sure your mower is serviced and that the blades are sharp. The aim is to keep the height at about 2,5 to 4 cm.  For lawns that take a lot of wear, the height must be raised to about 5 cm.  Do not remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade, rather mow more frequently as the taller height is healthier and gives a lush, healthy appearance.  Cool seasons grass like Protek’s Pro-Lawn All Seasons Grass Mix, must be mowed at a height of 3 – 4 cm in full sun and 5 – 6 cm in shade.  For a crisp, tidy look, do not forget to trim the edges of the lawn.


To ensure that you have a healthy lawn, you must fertilize during the growing season.  After a cold winter, your lawn needs some encouragement to grow.  Start off by feeding it with General Fertilizer 2.3.2 or for a greener option, NutriGreen Gwano Pellets.  These are balanced formulas that stimulate the growth of leaves and roots. When the lawn starts growing strong, you can start applying a high nitrogen fertilizer such as Lawn and Foliage Fertilizer 7:1:3 or for a greener option, NutriGreen Gro Green or pure nitrogen, Nitrogreen LAN 17 %.  Apply every six weeks and alternate between Lawn and Foliage Fertilizer or NutriGreen Gro Green and Nitrogreen LAN.  Always follow instructions as too much Nitrogen can burn the lawn.  Water well after application.  Lawn in shady spots, like underneath trees, require more nutrition as the lawn must compete with the trees and shrubs for food. Fertilize warm season grasses like kikuyu and LM during spring and summer, and cool season grasses in autumn and spring. To ensure an even spread of fertilizer, rather make use of a spreader – this will also save you time.

Taking good care of your lawn will not only give your family a reason to go outside for hours of fun and games on a lush, welcoming lawn, but will add value to your property.  Above all, you too will make your neighbours green with envy!

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