The GARDEN ARMY – Makhro Home & Garden

The GARDEN ARMY – Makhro Home & Garden

Protect the good and slap the bad and the ugly!

Blast off your spring garden maintenance with an army of ‘green warriors’ ready to dispel, repel, or disarm those critters which will give it their best shot to dive-bomb onto, and chow up your edibles and flowers.

Bravo Eco, Going Dark!

If you are tired of losing the battle, use EcoBait – an eco-friendly granular product not harmful to any of your plants or lawns. As slugs and snails are active during the night or early mornings apply the pellets in the late afternoon or early evening by broadcasting them near susceptible plants.

Make lethal contact with sap-suckers…

Aphids, red spider mite and whitefly are now in attack mode. Use Organicide, a broad-spectrum concentrate containing pyrethrum, canola oil and garlic extract to control and repel them.

Stop further insurgence with a firm flush out…

Organicide Plus takes it a step further with a combination of insect nerve poison, smothering plant oils, insect repellents and a flushing agent for camouflaged pests in hard-to-reach places without leaving harmful residues.     

Win the war against Black spot, Rust and more…

Copstar, a copper fungicide which is best for organic gardening, it is the ideal product for gardeners who prefer an organic fungicide. When you are at war with Scrab, Blight, Black Spot or Downy Mildew Copstar is your No.1 soldier!

Sulfurize the fungi that annexes your leaves…

If powdery mildew or rust appear on your pretty leaves, use Sulfostar. This suspension fungicide is also an acaricide which is just a threatening word for a sulfuric concentrate that will also control certain pest mites and thrips without being harmful to natural predators such as predatory mites, ladybugs or bees.

Open up food routes to the roots…

Mature container plants need a helping hand to get water and feeding channels opened up to their roots. Do this with Waterwise 3D, a biodegradable product which when mixed with water in a watering can and applied to break the waxy residue on hydrophobic soils, allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil reaching plant roots where it is most needed. This means it will also improve the efficiency of fertilisers such as Grobest Liquid Fish Fertilizer – 100% organic and packed with lots of minerals and vitamins to give any old plant a new lease on life if guided along to reach root level.

The only Navy seal team you will need is Go Organic!

While cleaning out water features, you might as well repot your water lilies. Deploy your special navy team Go Organic to the soil mix to aid their macro- and micro-element needs during summer’s flowering time. Go Organic is a proudly South African product and made of natural seabird guano. Nothing synthetic or chemical in there! It can be used as a foliar spray or soil drench for any plant. It does not burn and there is no waiting period after applying it to edibles.    

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