The Fantastic 4: Superheroes of Pest Control Unleash Their Arsenal – Makhro Home & Garden

The Fantastic 4: Superheroes of Pest Control Unleash Their Arsenal – Makhro Home & Garden

In the bustling metropolis of South Africa, where the battle against pests never ceases, a formidable quartet has emerged as the last line of defence for homes and businesses. Meet the Fantastic 4: Rossi, ALPHA-THRIN, Tornado Rat Wax Blocks, and Trojan AntBait, the dynamic superheroes dedicated to protecting your spaces against the relentless onslaught of pests!

Rossi – The Insecticide Marvel!

In a world plagued by insecticide resistance, Rossi emerges as the saviour, armed with a ground breaking solution. This insecticide marvel boasts a powerful combination of active ingredients from two chemical classes, challenging the adaptability of pests head-on. With a unique mode of action, Rossi stands tall against the rising tide of insecticide resistance.

Key Features of Rossi:

Low or no odor: Stealthy and effective, Rossi operates without giving away its presence.

Environmentally friendly: With low solvent content, Rossi minimizes its impact on the environment.

Excellent residuality: Rossi’s effects linger, ensuring a long-lasting shield against pests.

Easy to use and mix: No complex formulas, just straightforward protection.

Controls an A-List of Pests:

House Fly









Unleash the Power of ALPHA-THRIN!

ALPHA-THRIN, a force to be reckoned with, strides into the scene as a suspension concentrate insecticide with unparalleled impact. Its influence extends across a spectrum of pests, making it a formidable ally in the war against intruders.

Advantages of ALPHA-THRIN:

Rapid knock-down: ALPHA-THRIN strikes swiftly, leaving pests with no time to react.

Long-lasting residual action: Its effects linger, maintaining a stronghold against invaders.

Low mammalian toxicity: Safe for your loved ones, ALPHA-THRIN prioritizes safety.

Broad spectrum of control: A versatile warrior, ALPHA-THRIN tackles various pests with precision.

Very cost-effective: An economical choice for those seeking top-notch protection.

Odorless: Unseen and unnoticed, ALPHA-THRIN operates without leaving a trace.

Use in- and outdoors: Whether indoors or outdoors, ALPHA-THRIN stands guard against all odds.

Tornado Rat Wax Blocks – The Fortress against Rodents!

In the shadows, where rodents lurk, Tornado Rat Wax Blocks emerge as the fortress against these sneaky invaders. Slow-acting and irresistible, this multi-feed wax block bait ensures ultimate control without the risks of secondary poisoning.

TROJAN ANTBAIT – Granular Power to Conquer Ants!

For the relentless assault of ants, Trojan AntBait steps in with granular power that not only controls but annihilates ant nests from the inside out. Ready-to-use and potent, Trojan AntBait proves to be a formidable weapon in the battle against ant invasions.

Rest assured that your space is under the protection of the ultimate pest-fighting squad. Say goodbye to the pest menace and embrace a world where the superheroes of pest control reign supreme!

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