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Suppliers – Protek

A Guide to Protek's Products


Ants are generally regarded as a nuisance, especially in the home. Protek Nip-it Ant Control is a top quality South African product at a competitive price. It is a 99 % natural product with very low toxicity to humans and animals. The small granule bait can be picked up by any size ant and it eradicates the whole colony within 1 week, including the queen.  Nip-It is ready to use and packed in a convenient, easy to apply shaker, so no mixing, no fuss. Protek Knox Ant can be used indoors and outdoors, and does not stain or smell. Mix 7.5 ml per liter of water and spray on walls, skirting boards, furniture, window frames, door frames,around work surfaces and inside cabinets and drawers. The active ingredient is micro encapsulated (contained in a sugar cell),and sticks to the insect’s body as they go about.  In this way they take the insecticide with them to the nest. The insecticide is released with normal nest activity, wiping out the entire colony, including the queen. Knox Ant also has a long residual control of up to 3 months and can be applied 4 times a year, if necessary. Protek Alphathrin can be used indoors and outdoors and does not stain or smell. Alphathrinhas a very strong concentration active ingredient.  Useonly 5 ml per liter of water and spray on walls, skirting boards, furniture, window frames, door frames, around work surfaces and inside cabinets and drawers. Once the ants come in contact with the pesticide, they will be eradicated. Alphathrinhas a quick knockdown and long residual control of up to 3 months.


Looking for nutrient rich, slow release organic fertilisers that are easy to use and a cinch to make your garden grow? Look no further than Guanosol, a compressed organic fertiliser in tablet form and Guanoflo, a certified organic fertiliser which is easy to apply with a snappy mixer nozzle that attaches to your hosepipe.
  • Guanosol is suitable for use in pot plants and for trees and shrubs in the garden and so easy to use. Just pop in a pill – one per large plant container or two to three pills for shrubs and trees and see them thrive.
  • Guanoflo is a natural fertiliser provided by nature and harvested by Protek – for you!  Made from pure seabird guano and certified organic.
  • Mixnozle is a patented multi-purpose mixer sprayer nozzle, can be used to mix Guanoflo to the required dilution of one part solution to 10 parts water. Simply mix one litre of Guanoflo and four litres of water in a bucket. Attach Mixnozle to your garden hose and place the suction tube inside the bucket. Turn on the sprayer and apply where desired. Mixnozle perfectly dilutes the solution at a rate of 1:10.


If you have cypress trees (conifers) in the garden, don’t forget to treat them preventatively NOW with a Protek Meridian, a systemic insecticide (foliar application or soil drench) as the dreaded Italian Cypress aphid is can cause total destruction of your valuable plants.  Be on the lookout for ants around these plants as their appearance is a tell tale sign that the Italian Cypress aphid is prevalent.  The ants “milk” the aphids for honeydew, which is a food source for the ants.  The honeydew can also cause a secondary fungus infection, ie. suity mould.  Treat preventatively with a systemic fungicide, like Protek Tenazole.  Unfortunately the damage done by these insects is only visible in October and you are therefore advised to treat your plants preventatively.


Organic fertiliser is the oldest form of plant nutrition and is still very popular under gardeners today. Organic fertiliser is naturally slow releasing with natural Carbon to better the retention of nutrition in your garden soil. This substantially lessens the loss of nutrients through maceration. In spite of the long duration the nutrients are kept in the soil, the pellets are easily broken down so will not be picked up by your lawnmower. Organic fertilisers promote the activity of micro-organisms in the soil that break down plant nutrient elements into a form that is available for the plants absorption abilities. Regular fertilisation with organic fertiliser strengthens cell walls of the plant which in turn leads to less water required and a plant that is hardened to extreme temperatures.
Organic fertiliser contains the three most important nutrient elements known as: Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K). It also contains many important micro- elements that plants require for healthy growth such as Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) and Barium (B) to name but a few. General organic fertiliser can be used in flower beds, herb- and vegetable gardens, lawns and is ideal for trees, shrubs, fruit- and flower bearing plants.
If you are a “green gardener” or not, organic and organically based products will be ideal for use in your entire garden throughout the year.
NutriGreen Gwano Pellets is a 100 % organic, balanced fertiliser with macro and micro elements for your whole garden.  It is ideal for lawns, shrubs, fruit trees, trees, vegetables, herbs and flowering and fruit bearing plants.
NutriGreen Gro Green is an organic based, chemically enhanced fertiliser with macro and micro elements .  It is ideal for new or established   lawns, including evergreen   lawns as well as evergreen   plants and foliage.
NutriGreen Flower Power is an organic based, chemically  enhanced with macro and micro elements and odeal for ornamentals, including   annuals and perennials, roses, shrubs, fruit trees, trees,   vegetables, herbs and all flowering and fruit bearing plants and trees.
 These 3 products are made from well composted chicken manure and enriched with carbon to enhance the quality of the soil.  It is pathogen, parasite and weed seed free and is pelletised for easy and convenient application ideal for use in all seasons.


Stop termites in their tracks with Protek Termite Stop for harvester termites and Protek Terminex 350 SC for wood destroying termites. Termites, sometimes known as white ants, feed on living and dead plant material and can cause serious structural damage to buildings (wood destroying termites) and lawns and gardens (harvester termites).

As social insects, termites live in colonies consisting of nymphs (semi-mature young), workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, sometimes containing several egg-laying queens. Wood destroying termites sometimes do great damage to buildings and other wooden structures and often is undetected until the timbers are severely damaged and exhibit surface changes.  Once termites have entered a building they do not limit themselves just to wood, also damaging paper, cloth, carpets, and other cellulosic materials.

You can prevent the destruction by preventative or corrective trench, nest and foundation treatment.  Protek Terminex 350 SC provides fast action with a very long residual action and control! Harvester termites “harvest” dead and living plant matter and can cause damage to grass, leaves, herbaceous twigs and seedlings.  They will invade and cause significant damage to lawns and gardens, to the extent of complete destruction. Stop the destruction with Termite Stop ready to use bait packed in an easy to use, convenient shaker!

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