Makhro Home & Garden

Makhro Home & Garden

Plant a Dream with Makhro Home and Garden

At Garden World, we believe in supporting local businesses who develop products specifically for the South African market. That is why we are proud to stock Makhro Home and Garden products. Owned and directed by Wilmar and Jaco Burger, this proudly South African company had humble beginnings, and has since grown into a respected business with close ties to Adama SA. This association has allowed Makhro Home and Garden to both increase its national footprint and gain market share in the global agrochemical market.

Makhro Home and Garden offers a variety of products for home garden use, including:

  • Fertilisers: Boost the growth potential of your garden crops with multi-purpose fertilisers, water-soluble boosters, natural plant food, and organic solutions like natural seabird guano in liquid and tablet form.
  • Insectivides: Manage insect infestations effectively with snail bait, fly bait, eco oil spray, dusting powders, suspension concentrate contact insecticides with residual action, emulsion concentrates and more.  Makhro Home and Garden also offers a selection of organic insecticides.
  • Rodenticides: Get rid of rats and other rodents effectively with Makhro’s rodenticide solutions.
  • Sticker Adjuvant: Sticker adjuvants are designed to control the lifespan of other products like insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and foliar fertilisers.
  • Wedgit Connector: Makhro Home and Garden offers a comprehensive range of connectors that include tap connectors, accessory adapters, hose repairers 3-way T-pieces, adjustable nozzles and more.

Makhro Home and Garden also carries fungicides, herbicides, bonsai products, bio growth regulators and 3-in-1 protection solutions.

For more information on Makhro Home and Garden, visit Garden World to chat with us in person, or see their website for details on all the gardening products they manufacture and distribute. We look forward to helping you plant a dream with Makhro Home and Garden.  Now you too can achieve home gardening success with the help of innovative, locally-developed products.