Summer Insects by Makrho Home & Garden

Summer Insects by Makrho Home & Garden

“It’s such a beautiful day! Let’s have a braai. I’ll set the table on the patio, and the kids can play outside. It will be fun!”

I honestly don’t know what my mom thought when she made this proposal because it turned out to be absolutely NO fun! My poor mom tried to keep a brave face while she ran back and forth from the kitchen to grab more food nets to cover the salads and bread she set out on the table. The chip bowl is permanently covered with a napkin, “Don’t just take one. Take a few. Quickly! We need to protect it from the flies!”

My dad, no longer patiently waving away the insects buzzing around his spiced braai meat, shouted, “I need something to cover this meat. The smoke is not helping anymore; the insects are everywhere!”

“Mommy, ants are biting me.” My sister cried, who up until that moment played quietly with her dolls on the lawn.

Everyone’s heads swung around as I suddenly slapped my leg. “Ahh, man, a mosquito bit me!”

“Oh no,” my dad sighed, “now there is a fly in my cold drink.” He gave my mom a discouraged look, “Honey, maybe we should just go back inside.”

If you can relate to any part of this scenario, you seriously need to read the rest of this article.

Open the possibility for you and your family to enjoy being outside this summer, in peace, without the buzzing, crawling, and biting.

How, you might ask?

Makhro Home and Garden has a selection of products available to you. Each one with its unique strength to suit your household’s specific needs.

ALPHA-THRIN » For long-term control over a broad spectrum of pests.

KARBA 850 » A wettable powder – as easy as a scoop, mix, and you are ready to spray the insects away.

ROSSI » A powerhouse product for pest control with two active ingredients.

SEIZER 80 » Odourless, colourless, and leaves no stains.

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