Start to prepare your Garden for Spring with Makhro Home & Garden

Start to prepare your Garden for Spring with Makhro Home & Garden

Start to prepare your garden for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and Makhro Home and Garden’s team is beyond excited to start the new season’s gardening journey with you!

While enjoying the last few blanket cuddles and anxiously waiting for the higher spring temperatures, we can start with a few garden preparations to keep our green fingers busy.

The best time to get your garden beds ready for the season’s potential growth is a couple of weeks before you are planning to start planting. The three recommended essential preparation steps are loosening the soil, adding soil nutrients, and removing stray weeds.

By loosening compacted soil, it provides efficient airflow for the growth of young roots. An easy way to provide plenty of air and moisture retention is by simply adding organic matter—which makes this the perfect time to work compost into the soil. If you are making your compost (like we all should be doing by now), you will find that it is very cost-effective and incredibly beneficial to the environment. Adding compost has quite a few advantages. It hangs onto the nutrients, releasing them slowly and preventing them from washing away through the root zone. Just a tiny amount of organic matter worked into the soil has a significant effect on soil retention.  

Plants will thrive in healthy soil conditions—which means it’s time to fertilize. The fertilizer you will use will depend upon the type of plants you are planning to plant. Different plants, as well as different soil conditions, will have different needs. You can consider working in a slow-release granular fertilizer to provide your future plants with long-term nutrient boosts.

With what products can Makhro Home and Garden assist you with this garden preparation quest?! 

  1. We recommend adding Compost Activator to your compost heap to make compost like a pro with a quick turnaround time.

2. We offer some great fertilizers you can use to create the perfect nutritional balance for your garden: 1-For-All Multipurpose Fertilizer, Multi-Booster, Grobest, and Go Organic. 

Visit our website for more information on the products mentioned above or call our office and ask to speak to a technical advisor for more gardening or product advice.


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