Sphagnum Moss by Protek

Sphagnum Moss by Protek

Sphagnum moss is a plant that grows on the surface of soil or a swamp and thrives in wet climates.  It is carefully harvested to ensure regeneration of swamps or bogs, a cycle which typically takes 5 – 6 years.  Peat moss, however, forms over thousands of years and is the layer of decaying, water saturated sphagnum moss that has sunk below the surface and is the basis of swamp land. 

Protek provides the highest quality, sustainably obtained products for home garden use.   It comes in a universal blend for general use in your garden as well as an acidic blend for acid loving plants.

The benefits of Protek’s Universal and Acidic blends are as follows:

  • Sustainably obtained
  • 100 % weed free
  • High water holding capabilities
  • Permeable to air
  • Slow release of important biological nutrients
  • Reduced leaching
  • Supports strong root growth and germination of seeds
  • Ensures healthier plant life
  • Soil conditioner

If you are looking for a sustainable way of conditioning your soil and improving the entire garden, whether it be flowers, vegetables, lawn or trees and shrubs, Protek can provide you with the best products to achieve remarkable results! 


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