Smelly Artificial Grass?

Smelly Artificial Grass?

Q&A Smelly artificial grass?

Q: Do you have artificial grass and pets? 

A: Yes, and my artificial grass has a terrible smell which is worse in the heat of summer.


Q: Why does my artificial grass have such a smelly problem. 

A: Pets, like humans, need to do their business. For pets this is usually on the artificial grass outside. This pet waste, which is mostly urine, penetrates through the artificial grass and starts to accumulate in the layers below. This is where components of the pet pee and poo start to breakdown releasing smelly odours. 


Q: Will hosing down my lawn with tap water relieve the smelly problem. 

A: Unfortunately, tap water alone will not be enough. 


Q: What can I do to reduce this smelly problem. 

A: SmellAway Artificial Grass comprises of a team of microbes derived from healthy soils that release enzymes which facilitate the breakdown of the organic waste found in pet pee and poo. This process naturally reduces odours and will cause no harm to humans, plants, or animals. 


Q: What makes SmellAway Artificial Grass unique? 

A: It is a concentrate which you then dilute with water giving you multiple applications from just one bottle. By diluting the concentrate before applying it you ensure maximum penetration into the layers below where your smelly problem derives from. 

Q: When and how often should I apply SmellAway Artificial Grass

A: With sun and heat comes faster evaporation and further strain on the active microbes. For best results apply early in the morning or early evening. We recommended applying SmellAway Artificial Grass once daily for the first 3 days and thereafter once weekly or when odours return. 


Q: Can I dilute SmellAway Artificial Grass with rainwater from my rain harvest tank?

A: Absolutely, you can even empty a 1L bottle into your tank and allow it to stand for a couple of hours before applying the solution onto your artificial grass. Now you will notice reduced odours on your artificial grass and in your rain harvest tank. The microbes will cause no harm to humans, plants, turf, or animals. 


Q: Where can we find SmellAway Artificial Grass?

A: Visit to view all our product retailers.

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