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Rats and mice are very active in winter looking for a suitable place to stay and to find food, usually in places where they are the least welcome – in our homes and gardens.

With winter now creeping closer, there is a decline in food availability and our homes provide an alternative pantry to these pesky rodents.

Rats consume the equivalent of 10% of their body mass daily and pollute our food and the environment with hair, urine and stools. They are also carriers of a host of deadly diseases such as salmonella, black fever and bubonic plague, to name but a few. 

They are also prolific breeders and under ideal conditions, 2 mice can lead to 300!

In addition to the health risks they pose, they are a major source of destruction, especially when they seek shelter in our wardrobes and under the hoods of parked vehicles where they cause major damage to our property. Rodenticide baits are the most effective way to get rid of even the toughest rodent infestations. 

Protek’s Kill All and Rodex rodenticides are single feed baits containing an anti-coagulant. Anti-coagulants prevent blood clotting and thins the blood of target animals. Because of its acute toxicity, a lethal dose can be obtained in a single feeding, although death is delayed for 4 to 5 days. It is sometimes necessary to put out bait three to four times to get rid of large infestations. 

Kill All Pellets is a pelleted rodenticide packed in 50g and 500g containers and controls Norway rats, roof rats and house mice in a single feed.  The ready to use pellets are convenient and easy to apply.

85g Rat&Mouse wax block-002
Killall rat&mouse Pellets 50gr Nuwe Verpakking

Kill All Wax Blocks is a grain rodenticide packed as wax blocks in 85 g and 500 g containers.  The ready to use and easy to apply wax blocks control Norway rats, roof rats and house mice in a single feed.

Kill All Liquid is a very toxic liquid rodenticide packed in a 200 ml bottle which has a nifty measuring “magafter” to ensure easy measuring and application.  The single feed rodenticide eradicates Norway rats, roof rats and house mice and should be applied where food is plentiful. 

Rodex Rat & Mouse Grain is a single feed grain rodenticide packed in 100 g and 500 g containers and controls Norway rats, roof rats, house mice and gerbilles.  The convenient ready to use grain is easy to apply and great value for money.

Rodex Rat & Mouse Paste Bait comes in 12 x 15 g (195 g) paste sachets.  This single feed palatable bait controls Norway rats, roof rats, house mice and gerbilles and is easy and convenient to apply.

Handy tips:

Never handle rodenticides with your bare hands.

Remove dog food as it contains Vit K1, an anti-dote for anti-coagulants.

Use liquid bait where food is readily available and pellets, grain, paste or wax blocks where there is a food shortage.

For safe application of rodenticides, always use a bait station.

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