Protek’s New Innovative Products

Protek’s New Innovative Products

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Protek is proud to announce new, innovative products as well as new, value for money pack sizes to our clients.

Alphathrin 500 ml (Insecticide)

Alphathrin is an old stalwart in the Protek range.  Due to popular demand, Alphathrin is now packed in a 500ml bottle which will give you 100 liters solution to get rid of household insects and public health insects.  Alphathrin controls pests such as ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fish moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes.  It is odourless and stain proof with a quick knock down and a longlasting effect for up to 2 months.  Spray around work surfaces, on walls, cornices, skirting boards, bedding, curtains, underneath beds and furniture, etc.  The very strong concentrated active ingredient requires only 5 ml Alphathrin per liter of water.

Knox Out 500 ml (Insecticide)

Knox Out is another old faithful now packed in a 500 ml container, ideal to treat larger areas against common household insects.  The active ingredient is micro-encapsulated and boasts extended control for all those pesky, destructive or disease carrying insects like ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, crickets, fish moths and fleas.  Simply spray it around clean work surfaces, on walls, furniture, bedding, etc and enjoy your pest free home.  Knox Out is odourless and stain proof.

Terminex 500 ml (Insecticide)

Protek Terminex 350 SC provides fast protection against wood destroying termites in and around your home. The strong active ingredient, Imidacloprid 350, offers excellent value for money and is now packed in 500ml bottles – mix only 7.2ml Terminex 350 SC with 10 liters water.  The new 500 ml bottle treats 138m² thereby offering the best value for money for the treatment of wood destroying termites.  Terminex 350 SC can be applied as preventative or corrective trench and nest treatment.


Triclon 1 liter (Tree Killer & Herbicide)

Get rid of unwanted trees, woody plants and weeds with Protek Triclon.  Triclon is a high concentration, systemic tree killer and herbicide. Triclon can be applied as a foliar spray to actively growing plants or as a stump treatment (apply within 12 hours after tree is chopped off) or as a basal bark application, or hack and squirt. Triclon is now also packed in 1 liter bottles and offers excellent value for money.

Comet GR 5 kg (Herbicide)

Comet is one of the latest additions to the Protek stable.  It is a non-selective root absorbed granular herbicide with extended residual action for up to 5 years for the control of undesirable vegetation on non-crop land and on industrial sites.  Comet GR could be applied before, but preferably during a period when weeds are growing actively.  Because Comet GR is absorbed by plant roots, rain is required (after application) to wash the product into the root zones of target weeds.  Comet GR provides both pre- and post-emergence weed control and is, due to its extended soil action, particularly suited to maintaining weed free areas.  Do not use within 50 meters of desired plants or trees.

Two-Step SC 500ml, 1 liter & 5 liter (Herbicide)

Two Step SC is a suspension concentrate systemic and residual herbicide for pre- and post-emergence control of a wide spectrum of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses in urban areas and other industrial sites.  Two Step has a long residual action and can control weeds up to 6 months which makes it ideal for fences, curbs, etc.  Optimum results are achieved when Two-Step SC is applied on target weeds growing actively, free of environmental stress factors such as drought, unusual temperature fluctuations, etc.  Two-Step SC is packed in 500 ml, 1 liter & 5 liter containers.

Imidor 350 SC 100ml & 500ml

Imidor 350 SC is a systemic insecticide with long lasting residual action for the control of sucking and biting insects such as aphids (including conifer aphids), psylla on citrus trees, red scale, whitefly, mealybugs, mole crickets and white grub. This product is used as a seasonal application applied to the root area of the plant and used as a preventative and curative control. It comes in 100 ml and 500 ml containers, real value for money!

All Protek products now available in our store at Garden World!