Practical tips and safe purchase and application of pesticides

Practical tips and safe purchase and application of pesticides

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Safe purchasing

  • Only purchase products that are registered under Act 36 of 1947. Registered products have a registration number starting with L, B or K, followed by four numeric digits.  It is against the law to distribute or purchase unregistered products.
  • Purchase sufficient product for the size of your garden or home. Do not purchase more than required to avoid storing or disposal of redundant stock.

Safe mixing

  • Mix exactly according to the packaging instructions. Do not over or under dose.
  • When mixing the product, wear face and head protection as well as gloves.
  • If eye contact occurs, rinse eyes immediately with cold, soft flowing water.
  • In case of dermal contact, wash with soap and cold water.
  • If product is accidentally spilled on clothing, change clothing immediately and wear it only after thorough washing.

Safe application

  • Wear protective clothing with long sleeves, gloves, a hat and a face shield when product is applied.
  • Avoid contact and inhalation of the spray mist.
  • Avoid drift onto non-target areas, food and utensils.
  • No other persons and pets may be in or around the spray area while applying pesticides.

Safety after application

  • Clean the spray equipment thoroughly by rinsing three times.
  • Dispose of spray water by spraying contents as per packaging instructions – do not empty in drain. Best is to spray out in a secluded spot in the garden.
  • Exchange and wash working clothes.
  • Wash yourself.
  • Do NOT enter treated areas within one hour after treatment.
  • Mattresses, bedding and furniture should be completely dry before use.

Safe disposal of empty containers

  • Empty pesticide containers (glass and plastic) must be rinsed three times in succession with one quarter of the container volume clean water (this is triple rinsing). Rinse water must be decanted into the spray tank and contents must be sprayed as per packaging instructions.
  • Triple rinsed, dried out containers are not considered to be hazardous waste and may be disposed of by normal means.

Quality and effectiveness of sprays

  • Quality of water differs according to regions, so for the optimal performance of spray mixtures, first buffer water with Protek All Buff before the pesticide is added to the spray water.
  • Add the pesticide to the water.
  • For outdoor applications, add Protek Sprayfilm 10 to the mixture. Sprayfilm 10 ensures even distribution of spray mixture, protects pesticide against the harmful UV rays of the sun and sticks the pesticide to the target surface (can withstand 25 mm of rain within one hour, therefore the pesticide will not wash off the surface).
  • Never apply any spray mixes on wet surfaces, and do not spray during the heat of the day.


Emergency Numbers:

  • Dr Gerhard Verdoorn, Griffon Poison Information Centre: 082 446 8946

        (Human and animal poisoning and chemical spills)

  • Europ Assistance SA: 0800 111 990

       (Human poisoning)

  • Western Cape Poison Helpline (SA): 0861 555 777

        (24 hrs – human poisoning, snake bites, etc)


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