New Products from Makhro Home and Garden

New Products from Makhro Home and Garden

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New products from Makhro Home and Garden that is now available.


A copper-containing suspension concentrate fungicide and bactericide for the control of diseases in crops as indicated.This product controls black spot, downy mildew, leaf curl, rust and many more!

Active Ingredient: Copper Hydroxide 180 g/ℓ (equivalent to 120 g/ℓ metallic copper) & is available in 100ml.

Reg. No. L7026

Potassium Sulfate

Potassium Sulfate (SOP) contains sulfur, which plays a key role in a variety of functions that promotes optimal growth and development and when delivered in the sulfate form, as it is with Makhro’s Potassium Sulfate, it is readily available for plant uptake. Potassium is responsible for improving a plant’s water use from roots to shoots, through the regulation of photosynthesis and transporation.

Potassium also fosters nutrient uptake, enhances nitrogen use and increases protein production,  boosting overall plant health and the plant’s ability to withstand disease, pests and drought stress.

Apply product when potassium deficiency is noticed. How to identify potassium deficiency: If you notice curled leaf tips, not a curled leaf where the whole leaf is curled up, just the tips of leaves are curled over, that might be a sign of potassium deficiency. Usually on that same leaf, you will notice on the edges of the leaf will start to turn yellow, it looks like yellow its outlining the leaf at first and then the yellow will start to work it way into the centre of the leaf. The yellow leaf will eventually start to turn brown. Another sign of potassium deficiency is Chlorosis, yellowing between the veins of the leaf or purple spotting on the underside of leaf and is available in a 1kg.

K : 425 g/kg (42.5%)

S : 170 g/kg (17.0%)

Reg. No. K8281

Magnesium Sulfate

Fertilizer for Nutrigation (Fertigation) and foliar feeding. Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) consist of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. A water-soluble product to dose your plants with additional magnesium and sulfur. If your plants have a magnesium deficiency, you may see your plants starting to turn yellow. It is not a full yellow, the yellowing starts between the veins. Not only does Magnesium Sulfate helps with seed germination, it makes plants grow bushier, produces more flowers and, as previously mentioned increases chlorophyll production, it also provides vital nutrients to supplement your regular fertilizer. Apply Magnesium Sulfate as directed to rapidly improve the growth of your plants.

Apply product when Magnesium deficiency is noticed and available in 1kg.

Magnesium oxide (MgO) 16% Sulfate (SO³) 32%

Magnesium (Mg) 9.8% / 98 g/kg

Sulfur (S) 13% / 130 g/kg

Reg. No. B3957


SmellAway Artificial Grass

Apply SmellAway Artificial Grass concentrate on artificial grass to completely eliminate both the smell and the source. The pungent smell from pet urine on artificial grass or turf evolves from ammonia. When rinsing down your artificial turf, the ammonia mixes with the water and forms crystal encrustations which block the drainage holes of the turf. This is what makes the smell even worse. Disinfectants only mask the smells caused by these encrustations and so smells keep reoccurring after cleaning. 23 different strains of free living microbes and available in a 1Lt.

Seizer 80 SC

A suspension concentrate contact and stomach insecticide and acaricide for the control of pests in domestic and industrial premises. This product controls ants, cockroaches, fleas, red mite and red spider mite and available in 100ml and 200ml

Active Ingredient is Bifenthrin (pyrethroid) 80g/ℓ

Reg. No. L7580



Liquid spray for the control of snails.  A suspension concentrate with a contact and stomach poison action for the control of snails and slugs on agricultural crops and in gardens and available in a 200ml.

Active Ingredients: Metaldehyde 120g/ℓ & Carbaryl 80g/ℓ

Reg. No. L7894


Concentrated solution of micro-nutrients and seaweed extract formulated to stimulate root, vegetative and reproductive growth and development in crops. This product contains Auxin and Cytokinin, essential plant growth regulators and a combination of trace elements which are utilised in the chemical and metabolic reactions in the plant. Versatile use, as seed dressing, to root zone by fertigation or foliar application. Auxins stimulate cell division in meristem zones of roots and shoots and leaves where Cytokinin’s stimulate initiation of reproductive organ cells (e.g. flower buds).

When used as a seed dressing, seedling emergence and strong early growth is obtained. Boron translocation of sugars, essential at flowering stage, germination of pollen (prevents oxidation of auxins), synthesis of pyrimidine and flavonoids. Iron is essential in photosynthesis and respiration processes, component in enzymes which breakdown toxic substances from oxidative stress, and reduction process of Nitrogen metabolism. Manganese activates enzymes involved in metabolite synthesis and electron transfer reactions. Molybdenum Nitrate reduction during metabolic processes Zinc Synthesis of amino acid and auxin involved in activity of enzymes. Seedling recovery after induced stress or shock has been achieved and available in a 500mℓ.

Trace elements 48.5 g/kg

(B) Boron 2.0 g/kg – Composition 2.5 g/ℓ

(Fe) Iron 35.0 g/kg – Composition 44.5 g/ℓ

(Mn) Manganese 10.0 g/kg – Composition 12.7 g/ℓ

(Mo) Molybdenum 0.5 g/kg – Composition 0.6 g/ℓ

(Zn) Zinc 1.0 g/kg – Composition 1.3 g/ℓ

(S) Sulphur 25.0 g/kg – Composition 31.8 g/ℓ

Seaweed Extract* 50.0g/kg

*Contains natural Auxins and Cytokinins

 Reg. No. B3499



A concentrate solution of Humic and Fulvic acids that can be applied as a source of carbon and biological supplement for improved soil quality. Biosoil is very carbon-rich substrate extracted from composed plant fibre. It’s also a combination of both humic and fulvic acids and also a source of potassium.

Biosoil is a very versatile product, i.e. adjuvant in foliar nutrient sprays. Organic supplement in fertiliser material. Biosoil is also a food source for soil microbes and fulvic acid contributes to water holding capacity of soil. Fulvic acids also constitutes additional cation exchange capacity in soil. Regular addition to irrigation water in sandy soils proves beneficial for crop growth and improves uptake of nutrients in soil and is available in a 500mℓ.

K (Potassium) 40.0 g/kg – Composition: 45.2 g/ℓ

Total Humic Extract 150.0 g/kg

Humic acid 70.0 g/kg – Composition 79.1 g/ℓ

Fulvic acid 80.0 g/kg – Composition 90.4 g/ℓ

Reg. No. B3475


Fosfifol Ca

A Concentrate solution of Calcium Phosphate can be applied by fertigation or foliar spray. Critical component in formation and integrity of cell membranes and walls. Big factor in root growth and in pollen tube growth and available in 500mℓ.

(Ca) Water soluble Calcium 50.0 g/kg – Composition: 64.5 g/ℓ

Reg. No. B3503 / N-AR 1479



Concentrated solution of amino acids, trace elements and bio-stimulants to promote vegetative and reproductive crop growth and development and assist plant recovery after induced stress events. Significant content of essential L-Amino Acids. L-Amino Acids have metabolic activity in plant tissue. Trace elements complexed by amino and fulvic acids. Vitamino is a soft product when used as an addition to foliar sprays on tender and new growth of leaves and flowers in crops. Foliar applied Amino Acids at critical stages of plant development provide additional metabolic activity during cell division and growth stages. Amino acids assist in plant recovery from environmental or induced stress events, e.g. heat shock, salinity. Auxins stimulate cell vision in meristem zones of roots and shoots and leaves. Cytokinins stimulate initiation of reproductive organ cells (e.g. flower buds) and available in a 500 mℓ.

Trace elements 7.2 g/kg

(B) Boron 2.0 g/kg – Composition 2.2 g/ℓ

(Fe) Iron* 3.0 g/kg – Composition 3.4 g/ℓ

(Mn) Manganese* 1.0 g/kg – Composition 1.1 g/ℓ

(Mo) Molybdenum 0.2 g/kg – Composition 0.2 g/ℓ

(Zn) Zinc* 1.0 g/kg – Composition 1.1 g/ℓ

(S) Sulphur 6.0 g/kg

Amino Acids 130.0 g/kg

Fulvic acid 50.0 g/kg

Vitamin complex 1.5 g/kg

Seaweed extract** 5.0 g/kg

*Complexed by amino acids

*Contains natural Auxins and Cytokinins

Reg. No. B3474

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