New Plant Nutrition Range from Makhro Home and Garden

New Plant Nutrition Range from Makhro Home and Garden

New Plant Nutrition Range from Makhro Home and Garden


A Concentrate solution of Humic and Fulvic adids that can be applied as a source of carbon and biological supplement for improved soil quality.  Biosoil is very carbon-rich substrate extracted from composed plant fibre. Its also a combination of both humic and fulvic acids and also a source of potassium.  Biosoil is a very fersatile product, i.e.  adjuvant in foliar nutrient sprays.  Organic supplement in fertiliser material.

Biosoil is also a food source for soil microbes and fulvic adid contributes to water holding capacity of soil.  Fulvic acids also constitutes additional cation exchange capacity in soil.  Regular addition to irrigation water in sandy soils proves beneficial for crop growth and improves uptake of nutrients in soil.

Fosfifol Ca

A Concentrate solution of Calcium Phosphate can be applied by fertigation or foliar spray. Critical component in formation and integrity of cell membranes and walls.  Big factor in root growth and in pollen tube growth. 


Concentrated solution of micro-nutrients and seaweed extract formulated to stimulate root, vegetative and reproductive growth and development in crops. This product contains Auxin and Cytokinin, essential plant growth regulators and a combination of trace elements which are utilised in the chemical and metabolic reactions in the plant.  Versatile use, as seed dressing, to root zone by fertigation or foliar application.  Auxins stimulate cell division in meristem zones of roots and shoots and leaves where Cytokinin’s stimulate initiation of reproductive organ cells (e.g. flower buds)

When used as a seed dressing, seedling emergence and strong early growth is obtained. Boron translocation of sugars, essential at flowering stage, germination of pollen (prevents oxidation of auxins), synthesis of pyrimidine and flavonoids.  Iron is essential in photosynthesis and respiration processes, component in enzymes which breakdown toxic substances from oxidative stress, and reduction process of Nitrogen metabolism.

Manganese activates enzymes involved in metabolite synthesis and electron transfer reactions. Molybdenum Nitrate reduction during metabolic processes Zinc Synthesis of amino acid and auxin involved in activity of enzymes. Seedling recovery after induced stress or shock has been achieved.


Concentrated solution of amino acids, trace elements and biostimulants to promote vegetative and reproductive crop growth and development and assist plant recovery after induced stress events.  Significant content of essential L-Amino Acids.  L-Amino Acids have metabolic activity in plant tissue. Trace elements complexed by amino and fulvic acids.  Vitamino is a soft product when used as an addition to foliar sprays on tender and new growth of leaves and flowers in crops.  Foliar applied Amino Acids at critical stages of plant development provide additional metabolic activity during cell division and growth stages.

Amino acids assist in plant recovery from environmental or induced stress events, e.g. heat shock, salinity.  Auxins stimulate cell vision in meristem zones of roots and shoots and leaves. Cytokinins stimulate initiation of reproductive organ cells  (e.g. flower buds).

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