LET’S CELEBRATE SPRING by Jenny Slabber of Talborne Organics

LET’S CELEBRATE SPRING by Jenny Slabber of Talborne Organics


Spring is a time of renewal of the mind, body and soul. With the rising of sap in nature comes a burst of energy, a creative urge and a need to express yourself. So let’s all celebrate spring by planting up a garden, container or basket and add colour into our personal living space with flowers (for the aspiring chef this can be done with colourful varieties of organic garden edibles such as vegetables, berries, vine fruits and salad flowers).

THE BOLD & BEAUTIFUL – For gardens of all sizes plant up a focal point of colour seedlings in a bed, a border or swathes of colour in large gardens.  Use colour themes to express yourself, use red and white for striking drama, or combine gentle pastel pinks, mauves and dainty whites for a soft, romantic feel, or choose vibrant blues, yellows, oranges and whites for lively appeal.

TIP: The colour palette in your Garden Centre is endless and every new season can be used to re-decorate with a new look and feel using colour, texture, shapes and seedling varieties.

HOW TO PLANT COLOUR BEDS:  It is best to prepare planting beds before buying seedlings to ensure that seedlings are fresh, strong and vigorous when planted out by:

  • Clearing out old plants, weeds and trimming back shrubs and tree branches that could block out sunlight for sun loving seedlings, or choose a semi-shade or light but shady area for shade loving plants.
  • Condition soil by digging in 1 Litre of good quality compost or 250ml of FERTILIS Earthworm Castings per m2. If soil is acidic, add 1 cup of agricultural lime per m2 to adjust Ph, then level out bed surface with a rake in preparation for planting.
  • Sprinkle 1kg of Talborne Seedling Food for every 5m2 of soil surface, OR add 2.5ml per planting hole when planting out seedlings.
  • Make planting holes deep enough to ensure that seedling roots are completely covered as soil will settle after watering.
  • Water every day in hot, dry weather until roots are established after 2 weeks. Thereafter adjust to 2 to 3 days per week in warm climates or hot, sheltered areas.
  • To extend flowering, after 3 months’ sprinkle Talborne Seedling Food at 1kg per 5m2 over planted beds.

THE SASSY & SMALL – “Limited by space” has never been a good enough excuse to stop the creatives from planting a garden. Whether you have a small stoep, a balcony for a vertical garden, a windowsill or a pot in your room there is always an ideal place for colour this spring. 

HOW TO PLANT CONTAINER GARDENS: Make the best of a small space by buying striking containers to plant up, or think of creative ways to recycle containers like tin cans, old pots, growing bags, jars or baskets. Why throw away when you can beautify! To prepare containers for planting:

  • Ensure that container has good water drainage to prevent root rot and disease conditions. Punch holes in cans or place small stones, broken crockery pieces or hard nut shells in container base for drainage.
  • Fill container with potting soil to which you have added 100ml of FERTILIS Earthworm Castings and 20ml of Talborne Seedling Food per Litre to enrich and improve water holding capacity of potting medium OR mix your own by using this recipe per 1 Litre, 1/3 compost to 1/3 topsoil to 1/3 FERTILIS earthworm castings. Add 20ml Talborne Seedling Food and 30ml Dolomitic Lime to potting mix.
  • Make planting holes deep enough to cover the roots of seedlings, as soil will settle after watering.
  • Water well after planting, and every day for the 1st 2 weeks to ensure that roots establish well. Thereafter water 2 or 3 times a week as required to ensure bountiful blooms.

Thank you for Growing Health with us!


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