Garden World Exhibit

Garden World Exhibit

South Africa 

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Summer – new energy and a fresh start for the garden. Trying out something new, or planning a new look, doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. A Garden for the Soul ….. one of the “gifts” of this Covid era has been the garden. While it marked our retreat from the world, it also has been a refuge, our safe space. Our tranquil garden where time stands still, the perfect escape. Here we set out to capture Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation.

The richness of our biodiversity is one of South Africa’s natural assets.

There is most definitely art in nature’s flowers. When Table Mountain was recognised as a New Natural Wonder of the World, 26 species were already declared extinct. Some of the most striking of the fynbos belong to the protea family with 24 species occurring here. These include king protea, sugarbush, golden cone bush and tree pincushion. Every 15 to 20 years the fynbos needs to burn so to prevent the domination of stronger species over weaker ones. If this does not happen more species of fynbos are under the threat of extinction. Pelargoniums, freesias, daisies, lilies and irises all have their origins in fynbos.

The succulent exhibition this year, returns to simplicity. We showcase succulents, indigenous and exotic in a contemporary and modern design. We will also focus on other elements to enhance the shapes, textures, and colors of succulents. These Water Wise beauties are highly fashionable and a must in every garden.