Please follow the correct process to apply for an advertised position.

If you arrive at Garden World without an appointment being set up with you, you will not be considered for the position.

How to apply for a position:

1.  Email your CV to jobs@gardenworld.co.za.

2.  Once your CV had been assessed, you will receive an email either requesting a copy of your ID and an application form OR indicating that you do not qualify for the position with a reason.

3.  We will do our checks, and follow it up with an email stating whether we would like to meet with you for an interview.

4.  You will receive a call from us to set up an appointment date and time.  Please be on time as first impressions are lasting impressions.

5.  At this point you will receive an email with a contract if we are satisfied that you meet our criteria.  Once signed and returned to us, you will receive a welcome pack, and your employment may commence on the agreed upon date.

Positions Available: