Don’t leaf your plants all dressed up and nowhere to Grow! by Makhro Home & Garden.

Don’t leaf your plants all dressed up and nowhere to Grow! by Makhro Home & Garden.

With summer on our doorstep, get your garden projects up and running for lovely poolside cocktails or mid-morning brunches with a gorgeous view of roses and daisies prancing in your yard.

Not everyone can be the DaVinci of gardening. Still, Makhro Home and Garden products make gardening possible for everyone—whether you managed to kill succulents or grow your avocado tree up until now. This article provides tips and tricks to transform your backyard into an enchanted garden.

Gardening isn’t rocket science. All you need is patience and the willingness to try. It is truly magical seeing that first seedling sprout.

Start from the ground up by prepping the soil. Add minerals by working compost into the ground to help aid the soil. If you like, you can easily make your compost, and adding our Compost Activator will ensure success. Adding the essential nutritional values will make any plant and flower feel the need to seed. For exceptional root growth and plant quality, good soil nutrition is vital to ensuring your garden is successful. Biosoil is a must-have to accomplish just that. The concentrate solution of humic and fulvic acids provide an abundance of beneficial supplement for improved soil quality. Once ready to plant, you can save lots of water by mixing Aquafix into the soil. The granular expands up to 300 its weight, improving the water-holding capacity and reducing watering cycles tremendously.

When the wait is finally over, you experience the feeling of pure excitement after seeing that first wink of a sprout sticking its neck out of the ground. Nurturing your seedlings into full-grown plants is genuinely remarkable—followed by the need to care for and protect the plants into which you poured your time, blood, sweat and tears. You are now part of the green thumb community, but unfortunately, being part of this elite group attracts enemies, the six-legged type of enemies.

Luckily, you have this article and thus have prepared to protect and defend your plants at all necessary needs. Whether you want to fight off pests and diseases with chemicals or prefer the organic or natural option, we have got you (and your plants) covered.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your utopia in the condition that you dreamt of having it. Like a healthy, growing newfound relationship, it will require some work. Like us humans, plants also need a certain amount of nutrition to survive and thrive. So even though some plant species require more frequent watering, plants need more than just water to reach their full potential either way. Keep your plants healthy by feeding them with our top-notch fertilizers. And yet again, we offer you both chemical and organic/natural options from which you can choose. The fertilizer you use is entirely up to you! We recommend all our fertilizers equally—the choice depends on personal preference. It is good to try different ones and see which application method you find most convenient and which offers you the best results.

Once you have started your gardening journey, it will surely ex-SEED your expectations! The Makhro Home and Garden team are rooting for you, and we are always available to assist in any way we can. Feel free to call our office and ask to speak to one of our technical advisors or send us a Whatsapp, email or Facebook message. You can also visit our website for more information on these products and see how you can benefit from them.

Don’t be a wallflower; grow out there and be the fertilizer in someone else’s garden of life!

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