Newsletter – August 2024 – Index

Newsletter – August 2024 – Index

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Dear Gardening Friends

Winter is almost over, and we are excited to announce that our gardens will be ready in a few days to show to you, with only the last minute cleaning up taking place to get things spick and span for your arrival at Garden World.

Not surprisingly, therefore, The Garden World ‘Back to Nature’ Spring Festival is the main feature of this newsletter.

This event kicks off in two days’ time, from the 27th July to the 8th September.

The event’s program can be found on Page 1 of this newsletter. Please visit us during this period to see what we have accomplished in a record time of 3 months to bring you one of the best local gardening and landscaping shows.

The photography for the show gardens was meticulously created by renowned gardening photographer, Conell Oosterbroek and highlights key components of each garden.

Once you have been here, please let us know what you enjoyed, but more importantly, let us know how we can improve next year’s event to make it even better.

Please send your comments to

Fanie Botha