Newsletter – July 2024 – Page 10 – Gardening Tips

Newsletter – July 2024 – Page 10 – Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips by Fanie Botha

July is the best month to transplant roses that are growing in the wrong position; as well as deciduous shrubs or trees.

It is a good time to transplant Cycads and Cycas; remove any cones from your plant before transplanting and ensure that the new site has good, well-drained soil, adding some river sand to the new planting hole if the drainage is not good.

Do not overwater until the rainy season starts.

If you did not transplant conifers growing in the wrong place last month and lightly prune existing ones, you can still do so now.


Super Clivia

If you did have not lifted and divided your dormant summer flowering bulbs yet you can do so now.

Store the harvested bulbs in dry sawdust or vermiculite and in a cool, dark, dry place.

If you plan on leaving them in the soil, mark the position where they are planted to avoid damage while they are dormant. They can be planted out again in spring once all danger of frost is over.

Keep your Clivias on the dry side to initiate flower spikes; and if you have not planted out Liliums, you can still do so this month.