Newsletter – June 2024 – Interesting alternative use for Oleum

Newsletter – June 2024 – Interesting alternative use for Oleum

What is Oleum?

The word ‘Oleum’ comes from the Latin word meaning Oil. The White oil emulsion insecticide for the control of pernicious scale, red scale, soft brown scale, circular purple and mussel scale, aphids, red spider mite, mealy bug, woolly aphid, australian bug and bryobia mite eggs on deciduous fruit trees, citrus, ornamentals and shrubs as listed.
  • Very low toxicity
  • Highly effective
  • Petroleum oil works by smothering the insects
  • Excellent on citrus, deciduous fruit, ornamental trees, shrubs, ornamentals and roses
  • Ideal as  a winter clean up spray for scale, aphids, mealy bug, Australian bug, and mites

Trees & Shrubs with Oleum

An alternative use for Oleum

Efekto Oleum

An interesting alternative use for oleum is as an artificial anti-freeze application for some ornamental trees, citrus trees and hardy shrubs. Because of it’s oily consistency, it creates a barrier against extreme cold.

Using oleum on these plants in winter therefore serves a dual purpose of both eliminating pests that use them for shelter during winter, as well as to enhance the plants natural ability to tolerate small amounts of frost.

Keep in mind that soft plants like fuchias and bulbous plants can generally not tolerate oleum, and it should not be used on those.  It is always important to read the manufacturers directions in/on the packaging.

Never overdose your plants purely for the sake of preventing freezing.  Rather use frost covers instead of excessive dosing.

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