Newsletter – June 2024 – Gardening Tips by Fanie Botha

Newsletter – June 2024 – Gardening Tips by Fanie Botha

June Gardening Tips by Fanie Botha

Ensure that your gutters are clean and check that all your standard plants and young trees are securely staked and tied, and that old ties are not cutting into the bark of your plants.

Remember to water your winter and spring flowering shrubs and trees regularly.

Continue to water and feed your winter bedding plants and bulbs and apply thick mulch around their roots to protect them from excessive rainfall and frost. Pick your sweet peas regularly and feed every 2 weeks with organic 3:1:5 fertilisers.

Visit our Nursery this month to select your early-flowering Camellias and Azaleas as they will be in bloom.

For an extended flowering period, also select some varieties that flower later, in August and September

Continue to water your existing plants regularly and mulch the soil with acid compost and bark chips. If you wish to trim your camellias, do so after they have finished flowering.

Lilium bulbs are available this month and must be planted immediately as they don’t have a long shelf life. Select only plump, healthy looking bulbs.

Mulch their roots to keep them cool and protect the delicate new growth from severe frost with a plant cover.

In very cold regions, put off planting Liliums until spring, or plant them into containers and place them in a warm and protected place.

Protect young plants from snails and slugs; eggshells placed around the base of your plants will help to deter them.

If mole rats are a problem plant your Liliums in containers.

Water your bulbs deeply about every four days.

Plant hardy perennials now, as their roots keep on growing in winter and they will be well established by summer.

Keep your Clivias a bit on the dry side, as this will initiate flower spikes; and in cold regions protect them with a frost cover and thick mulch around their roots.

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