Newsletter – June 2024 – Using the right Protek product in your garden for this season

Newsletter – June 2024 – Using the right Protek product in your garden for this season


Harsh winters can take their toll on soil.  Improve the soil by applying compost and organic fertiliser such a NutriGreen Gwano Pellets.  This will improve the quality of the soil, the soil structure and soil health.  Plants will take up nutrients more efficiently.  Spread mulch to protect the soil from damage caused by the wind, cold or frost.  Use Protek’s Universal Peat to mulch the soil.




Winter gardens do not need as much water as during the summer.  Water during the mornings to prevent surface soil moisture or leaves to freeze during the cold night temperatures.  Water plants and lawns according to their specific needs.  Due to lower temperatures, there is a higher volume of water in the soil available to plants as evaporation decreases due to cooler daytime temperatures.  As the shadow patterns in your garden changes at the turn of the season, summer sunny areas may now become winter shady areas.  Adapt to the changing climate and gradually reduce watering.  Too much water can cause root rot but remember that new plantings should always remain moist.

Trees & Shrubs

Contrary to belief, plants do grow during winter, but use their energy to establish roots instead of flowers, fruit, or leaves.  If the soil temperature does not drop below zero, the roots will continue to grow throughout the winter.  Feed with NutriGreen Gwano Pellets every 4 weeks.

Gwano Pellets
Trees & Shrubs



June is the right time to plant new rose bushes.  This will give them sufficient time to establish during winter for a spectacular display in spring.  When planting apply Protek’s Garden Phosphate or NutriGreen Gwano Pellets for a 100 % organic option.  Feed with NutriGreen Flower Power every 4 weeks.

Flower Power


The best time to get your pruning done, is from middle June to end of July.  Improve the health of your plants by cutting away diseased bits and remove overgrowing branches or stems of trees and shrubs.  This will not only improve the plant’s overall health but will also increase and improve yields.  Treat the cutting wounds with a mixture of Mycoguard and Sprayfilm 10.  Mycoguard is a preventative fungicide and Sprayfilm 10 seals the cutting wounds.


General Nutrition

General 2-3-2

With new plantings, it is important to stimulate root development by applying Protek’s Garden Phosphate or Protek General Fertiliser 2.3.2. Fertilize your entire garden including your lawn, bulbs and seedlings every 4 weeks with the NutriGreen range of organic and organic based fertiliser.  The NutriGreen range contains the three most important nutrient elements, ie. Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K). It also contains many important micro elements that plants require for healthy growth such as Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) and Barium (B) to name but a few.  Zinc is especially important as it assists plants to resist the low temperatures.

General Diseases and Pests


Mildew, rust and powdery mildew are just a few of the fungal infections that are prevalent during winter.  Treat preventatively with Protek Mycoguard, but if fungus is already prevalent, apply Protek Tenazole, a systemic fungicide, to prevent the fungi from spreading.

Tenazole Systemic Fungicide


Scatterkill Mix

Treat your garden with Protek Imidor 350 SC or Complete 350 SC, both systemic insecticides that will keep insects at bay during winter.  Imidor or not only controls mole crickets, but also a variety of aphids and is extremely effective against the dreaded Italian cypress aphid.  Apply as a soil drench at 1 ml per lit of water per plant. Snails and slugs can cause havoc in your seedling and bulb garden beds.  Get rid of these munching molluscs by applying Protek Scatterkill for Snails in the late afternoon.  Scatterkill for Snails has the added advantage of a pet repellent.


Remember there is a decrease in food availability for rodents.  Prevent them from coming into your home for food by controlling them Protek’s range of single feed, ready to use rodenticides.  The Kill All range consists of a liquid, wax block and pellet bait whilst the Rodex range consist of grain and paste bait.  Always use a bait station for safer control of these disease-causing rodents.

Rat & Mouse Grain Bait
Two Step


Combat broad leaf weeds on your lawn with a selective herbicide, Versus or for a ready to use option, apply Scatterkill for Weeds.  Do not mow your lawn 7 days prior and 7 days after application.  An added advantage of Versus is that it can be applied as a pre-emergence weed killer on newly established lawns. Clear All, Clear Pave and Two Step are non-selective herbicides and will get rid of all broadleaf weeds and annual and perennial grass on your paving.

Clear All
Clear Pave

Do not let the winter give you cold feet when it comes to gardening.  Use the time to prepare your garden for a gorgeous, colourful, bountiful spring.  And as a bonus when gardening, you can also beat battle of the winter bulge.

When applying Pesticides, Herbicides or Fungicides, always read the label and follow the instructions carefully.

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