100% Natural Gardening with Makhro Home & Garden

100% Natural Gardening with Makhro Home & Garden

Plant, eat, compost, repeat

Turn food scraps into rich humus for your garden.

Makhro Compost Activator is 100% natural and biodegradable. Formulated from natural microbes, Makhro Compost Activator will convert garden waste into compost in as little as six weeks.

Guano Gold

Environmentally conscious sourced guano and proudly produced in South Africa.

Go Organic, made from 100% natural ingredients, is a cost-effective natural organic fertilizer widely recognized and endorsed by organic growers. Go Organic serves a dual purpose as a foliar spray and soil nutrition with exceptional results.

Miracle Mineral Oil

Manufactured thru patented refining technology, making it the safest mineral oil for growers, consumers, and the environment.

SK Eco Oil Spray controls various insects and mite pests, and plant diseases. It is also an adjuvant—recommended for organic farming and gardening with no post-harvest restrictions and low impact on natural enemies.

See You Later Fungus!

Copper is a metal that, in dissolved form Cu(OH)2, penetrates plant tissues and helps control fungal diseases.

Copstar is a copper fungicide approved for organic gardening and ideal for gardeners who prefer to avoid chemical fungicides. Copstar interacts with the fungus on the leaves, usually kills them, and doesn’t allow it to reproduce.

Sulfur so Good

A fungicide and acaricide that acts as a fertilizer positively affects plant growth and leaves and fruits’ coloring.

Sulfostar is an excellent product certified for organic farming (or gardening). Its low toxicity is not harmful against bees and natural predators such as predatory mites or ladybirds. Still, it provides control of various fungal diseases as well as certain mites and thrips.

Adding up on the Organic Side

The repelling component of Organicide Plus flushes the insects out of the hard-to-reach places.

Organicide Plus is a broad-spectrum insecticide with no harmful residues. An effective combination of natural insect nerve poison, smothering plant oils, and added insect repellent and flushing agent that repels new infestations of harmful insects.

Rule with an Iron Pellet

Finally! An eco-friendly insecticide to control snails and slugs.

Apply EcoBait pellets in the evening or late afternoon for best results as snails and slugs are most active during the night or early mornings. 1kg of EcoBait pellets (Iron (Fe) 9.75g/kg) will cover 1000m².

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