Your Garden in March

Your Garden in March

How about some bright colour in the garden through the Autumn months? The cooler temperatures are on their way and the seasonal changes will begin to show as we make our way towards winter.

Autumn is not a season to pause while we wait for the start of the cold and the winter varieties. Autumn has its own colourscapes to contribute to your home..

Start as soon as soon as the summer beds begin to lose the last of their blooms. Clear these away; dig over the soil and add new compost and bonemeal or superphosphate. Soil in your containers may need topping up, rejuvenation and check that the drainage is still functioning properly.


Once the soil and containers are prepared and revitalized, there is a fantastic array of varieties of new blooms to give the autumn and winter garden, a blaze of colour to suit all areas.

For the sun patches choose from Dianthus, Gazanias, Verbenas, Petunias, Snapdragons and Poppies. The Primulas, Pansies, Lobelia and Bellis Perrenis will brighten the shadier corners of your landscape.

Keep the young seedlings well fertilized with an organic 6.3.4 or 3.1.5 and water regularly until the plants are well established. Mulching the beds is always a good idea thereby reducing the frequency of watering; and this also has the added benefit of keeping the soil warmer through the winter months.

For more colour you can extend the flowering season of your roses well into April with an extra step or three.

You need a crop of healthy leaves to generate the energy needed for blooms and strong stems to carry them. Fertilize with a good organic fertilizer such as Vigorosa. This also has the benefit of strengthening the branches for over-wintering.

A deep watering twice a week will ensure a strong deep root base and this will boost a full top growth and a resultant crop of autumn roses.

Keep an eye out for late season black spot and mildews. Spray early and remove all of infected leaves to make sure that the spores do not over winter in the soil.

Enjoy this colourful time in the garden, marvel at the seasonal change in the trees and keep gardening.

Happy Gardening!