TRIVOR- The invisible blanket – Makhro home & Garden

TRIVOR- The invisible blanket – Makhro home & Garden

TRIVOR® is your new essential superhero insecticide. With all its power and glory, it will protect your grape or citrus orchards this harvesting season.

Imagine TRIVOR as a protection layer, like an invisible blanket protecting your crop from insects.

(Like, mealy bugs, thrips and red scale.)

Let’s break it down,

  1. TRIVOR® is a dispersible concentrate contact and stomach insecticide that regulate the activity for controlling pests.
  2. The type of pests we are dealing with are small and easily missed by the naked eye.
  3. This sprayable insecticide penetrates and removes the problem from the inside out, leaving you with an immaculate crop with high standards.
  4. Using TRIVOR red scale and non-so-ever damage to your fruit leaves you with a more profitable harvest.

BONUS: A big bonus TRIVOR offers to be such an effective pesticide, the fruits are still 100% consumable at harvest time.

APPLICATION: How do you use TRIVOR®, or do you need to start applying it?

  1. Apply TRIVOR® at 90% petal drop as a full cover spray to the point of runoff, ensuring thorough coverage of fruit and foliage throughout the crop canopy.
  2. Monitor for thrips from the start of flowering and apply when the action threshold is reached, typically before calyx closure.
  3. Continue monitoring for thrips; if numbers are moderate to high, apply a second application after a minimum spray interval of 14 days.
  4. Monitor for mealy bugs and red scale and apply when you notice the first invaders.

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