SK Eco Oil Spray

SK Eco Oil Spray

Understand the working of SK Eco Oil Spray

SK Eco Oil Spray is a food grade, emulsified mineral oil, manufactured thru patented refining technology making it the safest mineral oil for growers, consumers, and the environment. Due to its high paraffin content, it greatly improves insecticidal and fungicidal efficiency as well as its safety to plants.

A highly effective multipurpose product, with insecticidal, acaricidal and fungicidal activity, SK Eco Oil Spray controls a variety of insects and mite pests, along with plant diseases. It gives exceptionally good control of powdery mildew on crops susceptible to this disease. It is safe to use on wide range of crops and ornamentals. It controls various developmental stages of spider mites, rust mites, scale insects, whiteflies, and aphids; on numerous fruits, vegetables, field crops and ornamental plants, grown outdoors or in greenhouses.

SK Eco Oil Spray’s mode of action is completely different to all other pesticide groups, making it an ideal solution in pesticide resistance management as well as an essential part of any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. SK Eco Oil Spray’s unique insecticidal and fungicidal activity is attributed mainly to suffocation or asphyxiation. In the case of insects and mites, the suffocation occurs when the oil moves by capillary action into aeropyles of eggs, and into spiracles and tracheae of immature and adult stages of the target pests. With fungi the oil prevents growth of the mycelia and formation of reproductive bodies (sporulation).

SK Eco Oil Spray can also be used as an adjuvant. When mixed with other products is has a synergistic effect due to the following:

  • Increases coverage due to reduced surface tension
  • It protects the other products from breakdown
  • Increases adherence and spreading
  • Increases cuticular penetration
  • Increases residual activity of other products
  • Prevents evaporation and drift
  • Increases retention

An excellent cost-effective product, with no post-harvest restrictions and low impact on natural enemies, SK Eco Oil Spray is recommended for organic farming and gardening.

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