Organicide Plus by Makhro Home & Garden

Organicide Plus by Makhro Home & Garden

A broad-spectrum agricultural INSECTICIDE with no HARMFUL RESIDUES.

This product contains an insect nerve poison that is highly toxic to insects but will not have the same effect on humans or livestock.

This is combined with natural plant oils, which perform to the same degree of efficacy as synthetic mineral oils, but do not have the phytotoxic effects of the mineral oils.

The major action of this insecticide is therefore an effective insect nerve poison combined with the smothering action of phytotoxic free plant oils. To this effective insect killing combination, Kannar has added an insect repellent and flushing agent that repels new infestations of harmful insects. This component will also flush out hard to reach insects such as thrips, aphids and white fly, thus bringing them into contact with the lethal insecticidal components of Organicide Plus. 

Examples of Small Bodied Insects Controlled by Organicide Plus

Small bodied insects:

(Insert images of Aphids, White Fly, Thrips)

Organicide Plus gives excellent control of small bodied insects such thrips, aphids and white fly. These insects are often concealed in hard to reach places such as under leaf surfaces and other parts of the plant.

The repelling and flushing components of Organicide Plus bring them into rapid contact with the lethal insect nerve poisons and smothering plant oils of this broad spectrum insecticide. These small bodied insects often transmit harmful plant viruses. The repelling and acting lethal components of Organicide Plus prohibit the probing action of these insects, thus reducing the dangers of virus transmission.

Examples of Large Bodied Insects Controlled by Organicide Plus

Large bodied insects:

(Insert images of Bollworm, Beetle)

Large bodied insects such as American bollworms and beetles are controlled by the insect nerve poison component of Organicide Plus. Re-infestation is reduced by the repelling components of this insecticide. The plant oils have a smothering action on all insect eggs, thus prevent future generations of harmful insects from hatching.

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