New Products from Protek

New Products from Protek

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New Products from Protek

Protek is proud to introduce new product ranges including the Scatterkill range, the Spray-Kill range, and the Aerosol range

The Scatterkill range is an old stalwart that has been rejuvenated by Protek. The range consists of four products: Scatterkill for Insects, Scatterkill for Fleas, Scatterkill for Snails and Scatterkill for Weeds. All four of these products are packed in two different size shakers, are very easy to apply and ready for use. Scatterkill for Insects and Scatterkill for Fleas are made from a granular insecticide and control a broad spectrum of insects. Scatterkill for Snails is made from a unique bran bait that is very palatable for snails. It also features a unique pet repellent. Scatterkill for Weeds is a selective granular herbicide and controls a wide variety of broadleaf weeds on paving as well as lawns without killing the lawn.

The Spray-Kill range is another range rejuvenated by Protek. It consists of three water-soluble contact insecticides including Spray-Kill 1 and Spray-Kill 3 that control a broad spectrum of insects in your home and garden while Spray-Kill 5 controls fruit flies. These value for money products are packed in 50mℓ and 200mℓ bottles.

The Aerosol range offers immediate knockout as well as repeated release for the control of flying and crawling insects in your home. The Avi metered spray for Insects offers a repetitive release of the insecticide for the control of a broad range insects. It will automatically release every 15 minutes for up to 30 days. Nuvan Profi Fumigation Fogger is an immediate knockout fumigation fogger and offers uninterrupted release. A 200mℓ can covers 360m³ and 330mℓ can covers 600m³.

Nuvan Profi fogger 200ml
Nuvan Profi fogger 330ml

AnTrap® is a ready to use ant trap with bait for indoor and outdoor use.The unique formulation pesticide eradicates the entire nest, including the queen.There are two traps packed in a box each containing 10g active ingredient (sodium cacodylate) which is excellent value for money.The traps offer easy and safer application as there is no contact with the insecticide and up to two months control.

Antrap indoor hi angle
Antrap outdoor hi angle