New from Protek this November….

New from Protek this November….

New from Protek

Protek listens to their customers feedback and needs, and therefore added new packing sizes to some of our existing products:

Protek Guanoflo is a stalwart in the Protek range.  Our customers wanted a larger packing size for their bigger gardens and as always, we listened by adding a 5 ℓ bottle to our range.  Guanoflo is a certified organic liquid fertiliser made from seabird droppings.   It is very easy to apply with the snappy MixNozle that attaches to your garden hosepipe. Guanoflo is available in 200 mℓ, 2 ℓ and now the 5 ℓ container.

Protek Mycoguard is a contact fungicide and once again, our customers requested a larger packing size.  Of course we adhered to the request and Mycoguard is now available in the original 100 mℓ bottle and a new 500 mℓ bottle.  Mycoguard preventatively controls a wide range of fungi on your plants, e.g. anthracnose, black spot, dollar spot, downy mildew, early blight, late blight, botrytis rot, leaf spot and rust.

Protek Fly Bait proved its worth in the existing 200 g shaker, however, our customers requested a smaller container to suit their smaller living spaces.  We obliged and Fly Bait is now also available in the itsy bitsy 100 g shaker.  It is ready to use and can be applied as a dry bait, scatter bait or as surface spray and paint on.

Protek Spraykill for Ants is a new product in the Protek range.  It comes in a 500 mℓ and a 5 ℓ bottle and offers great value for money.  To get rid of ants indoors as well as outdoors, simply mix 4 mℓ per 1 ℓ water and spray the area.

Protek Carbakill is a must have in every household if you have pets.  It is a convenient, ready to use product which controls a variety of pests, including lice on birds, ticks and fleas on dogs and cats, and many more.  But what do you do if one has many of man’s best friend or a feathered flock?  You simply request a larger container and the Protek team concurs.  Carbakill is now available in the 200 g shaker as well as a new 500 g shaker.

Protek Aviguard Mercaptothion protects the vegetables and fruit trees you planted to feed your entire neighbourhood! However, the only ones feasting on your precious crop are aphids, mealy bugs, scale, thrips, caterpillars and many more. With its quick knockdown, Protek Aviguard Mercaptothion will end this gluttony and within a few days, you (and your neighbourhood) will be able to enjoy the fruits (and veg’) of your labour.  Aviguard is available in 100 mℓ, 200 mℓ and 500 mℓ bottles.

All Protek products now available in our store at Garden World!