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 Elke seisoen is jou beste seisoen

JJ & Derrich
Elke Seisoen is jou Beste Seisoen
JJ van Rensburg

In die Groenvingers-insetsel van die immergewilde program BrÍkfis met Derrich Saterdagoggende op RSG gesels JJ al vir sewe jaar lank tuinsake met Derrich Gardner, en beantwoord hy ook luisteraars landswyd se kwelvrae oor tuinprobleme. Baie van die raad en wenke in hierdie boek spruit uit hierdie gewilde radioprogram.

Elke seisoen is jou beste seisoen is 'n volkleur praktiese gids oor hoe om jou tuin heeljaar op sy beste te laat vertoon. Al die noodsaaklike tuintake, vaardighede en tegnieke word saamgevat in een boek.

Omvang: 152 bladsye
Formaat: Boek: 240 x 210 mm, sagte band, 550 foto's, illustrasies
Prys: R180.00
Beskikbaar by Garden World of

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Garden World's Events this year

Easter Sunday 5 April 2015 -

Pot Painting followed by a Tractor Ride & an Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny

Easter Monday 6 April 2015 -

Pot Painting followed by a Tractor Ride & an Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny

25, 26 April  -

Kiddies Puppet Show

10 May  -

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Manie Jackson

24 July - 30 August  -

Spring Festival

12,  13 September  -

Clivia Show

3 December -

Carols by Candlelight

Kiddies Easter Events

Easter Sunday 5 April 2015 & Easter Monday 6 April 2015 at 13h00
Pot Painting & Face Painting followed by a Tractor Ride & an Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny.
 Cost is R45 per child per session & includes the pot, paint, seedling, face painting & the
 Easter Egg Hunt

For more info, contact: Corne or Magriet
011 956 3003 or 011 957 2545

tractor rides

pot painting

puppet idols show

Who will be the winner of Puppet Idols 2015?

More than 20 beautiful string puppets from countries all over the world are preparing for the big competition. There is an Ostrich all the way from Las Vegas. A Mouse and his wife are also contesting. A Ballerina from Europe and a Dragon from Fairyland will also try their luck. And then the big news: Liewe Heksie and her cat, Mattewis will also be part of the cast.

The string puppets will sing, act, dance, tell stories, do tricks and do whatever they can to get the
 judges’ votes.

Members of the audience will be the judges, they will decide who will be crowned as the Puppet Idol of the year. A few members from the audience will also get the opportunity to work the marionette’s (string puppets). 

Date: 25 and 26 April 2015
Cost: R 40.00 per child
Time: 10:00
Place: Garden World, Beyers Naud
Drive, Muldersdrift
Bookings: Corne or Magriet
011 956 3003 or 011 957 2545

Puppet Idols Entrant
Puppet Idols
Puppet show at Garden World
Puppet show who will win

mothers day at Garden World

 Treat Mom to the Show including a Luncheon at Garden World in the Function Hall

Every Mom will also receive a FREE gift, compliments of Garden World
Luncheon is at 12h30 for 13h00

Cost: R250 per person
Children from 4 – 10 years R180 each

Visit our website and view the
 Luncheon Menu!

manie jackson 2014 smaller NEW

Don’t Forget  ... Spring Festival 2014

You can still experience the gardens that formed part of our successful Spring Festival in 2014.
 They will be on show until 30 April 2015.
View these gardens!
 Click on the garden type below and get ideas for your garden.

Designer Gardens Spring Festival

Designer Garden Winners | Designer Gardens 1 - 6 | Designer Gardens 7 - 12
Makeover Gardens

Visit the Country Shed and Arts & Crafts Market
at Garden World

country shed  wide shot labelled

The undercover Trading Post Co-op, Country Shed & Art & Crafts Market features a variety of Stalls – Candles, Crystals, Eco-Soaps, Books, Antiques, Creative Pottery, Wood Carvings , Batiks, Antiques, Country Furniture, Upholstery, Furniture Restoration, Riempies & Rattan Cane Work, Embroidery, Needlework, Art Gallery including a Wildlife Artist, Garden Furniture & Wire Work.

For any further information please contact Don on cell: 082 692 0694



April Specials


Plectranthus ciliates small

M.C P A small

Iresine small

Hibiscus Selected 10lt
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Incorporate wetting granules into your soil – this will assist your soil in retaining water for longer, reducing water requirements.

April - Autumn


As your garden nears autumn

Warm Days and Cool Nights.   

This is a good month in which to do some clearing, pruning and shaping of the shrubs and trees in your garden. With the rain, good maintenance and feeding, the growth in the summer months has been vigorous. Your shrubs and trees have put out a lot of new branches and leaves that now need to be carried through the winter months. 

With the cold temperatures and perhaps irregular watering during the up-coming months; we can lighten this load
a little with some judicious pruning of old and weak wood, cut away longer branches to re-shape the plants and round off and shape the topiaries.

Old blooms going to seed should be cleaned of these seed stalks unless you want to harvest the seed. Without the seed production the plants can rather store the energy used up to produce this seed in their roots for the following season. Clean away the last of the summer annuals and re-compost the beds for the winter varieties. Do remember not to prune away the branches of the winter and spring flowering shrubs as the flower buds of these varieties have already been set on the branches.

There is now a whole spectrum of winter colour available to keep the dreariness of winter away from your home. Start your planting now for an early show of colour. Many of the perennials will now die down completely for the winter season. Mark these clumps so as not to cause any damage to the dormant plants during winter plantings.

The ground temperature is now cooler and if you have not already done so, get your winter and spring bulbs set. Make sure of a loose, rich and well-drained soil. Plant the varieties at the correct depth and in the correct areas as per the planting instructions. Water regularly making sure that the bulbs do not dry out while growing; this will cause the blooms to abort.

April is a good month to set strawberry plants, either in amongst the vegetable patch or in containers. A sunny position and a fertile soil will yield good rresults. If you are not planning a winter crop, the vegetable
area should not be left fallow over this season. Put in peas, beans or lucerne and once these are grown to maturity dig them back into the soil as ‘green-manure’. These varieties contain a lot of Nitrogen for the summer to be used by the crops.

Harvest any herbs that can be dried or made into pestos from the herb garden. Cold tender varieties such as basil and peppers can now be changed for hardier winter varieties or potted and moved to a protected patio or kitchen window sill.

We are nearing the colder winter season but this is no time to wind down in the garden. Keep up the planting, the maintenance and the odd cleaning and clipping. With regular autumn visits to the garden, winter can consist of a productive and colourful landscape.

For any information and general gardening questions contact us at Garden World, visit us on Beyers Naudť Drive in Muldersdrift or e-mail us at


JJ van Rensburg

  JJ van Rensburg
Winter Take

April is vir my so ‘n lekker tyd van die jaar, die temperatuur begin daal en voordat jy weet is dit winter. Nou is dit die regte tyd om jou winter tuin te beplan. Winter bolle, lente bolle en winter saailinge gaan vir jou die meeste winter en vroeŽ lente kleur verskaf terwyl winter groente weer die potte gaan vul met al daardie lekker stowe geregte. Kom ons gesels oor hoe ons die meeste sukses in ons winter tuin kan behaal.

Winter bolle word vroeg in die herfs geplant, nou dat die grond begin afkoel is dit ‘n goeie tyd. Hierdie bolle blom gedurende die winter, dus is dit waar die naam vandaan kom en so ook met die lente bolle wat middel herfs geplant word en vroeg lente begin blom. Bolle hou oor die algemeen van minstens ‘n halfdag tot voldag son posisie met baie ryk, goed gekomposteerde grond wat goed dreineer. Bolle wil ook nie elke dag water hÍ nie, ongeveer twee keer per week se goeie natmaak sal voldoende wees. Dit is baie belangrik om te weet wat jy plant en ook hoe hoog dit word sodat jy nie jou hoŽr groeiende bolle voor plant en jou laer groeiende bolle agter wegsteek nie.

Dis altyd raadsaam om jou bolle te groepeer sodat jy maksimum impak kry. Selfs al wil jy nie jou hele tuin opplant nie kan jy heel maklik ‘n paar potte opplant wat as ‘n fokus punt sal dien. Hierdie is ‘n ander maklike praktiese manier om jou tuin interessant te maak.  Besoek sommer nou al die kwekery om die beste bolle te kry voor hulle uitverkoop word, en weer vroeg in Mei om die verskeidenheid weer mee aan te vul om jou tuin in ‘n lushof te omskep.

Winter saailinge tel definitief onder my gunstelinge omdat die winter partykeer so vaal kan wees – maar dit hoef nie so te wees nie. Vrolike gesiggies, papawers wat ‘n magdom blomme en kleur bring en die massas sleutelblomme is maar net ‘n druppel in die emmer. Een ding is verseker met saailinge: goeie voorbereiding en genoegsame voeding sal baie blomme, kleur en genot verskaf! Werk genoeg kompos en stadig vrystellende 3:2:1 kunsmis in die grond in as jy plant. Gooi ‘n lagie organiese saailing voedsel op die grond soos jy plant, om die plante vir die eerste ruk aan die gang te kry en van die begin af sterk te laat ontwikkel. Maak seker dat jy jou plantjies op die regte plek plant, reg spasieer en gereeld natmaak.

Wees versigtig om nie te veel kunsmis op ‘n slag toe te dien nie, ‘n bietjie elke twee weke sal goed wees. Ek sou al my blom beddings ten minste een maal per week met ‘n oplosbare plantvoedsel (Nitosol, Multisol, Guanoflo of Multifeed) voer om hulle nog ‘n verdere hupstoot te gee.

Jy moet onthou dat jy nie enige groente reg deur die jaar kan plant nie. Sekere varieteite doen net nie goed in die winter nie en ander soek weer die winter koue om te ontwikkel. Kool gewasse, Uie, Wortels, Ertjies, is maar net ‘n paar voorbeelde van winter gewasse. Volson, grond wat diep omgewerk en verryk is met Kraalmis en beenmeel is definitief die grootste voorvereistes. I.p.v. skoon beenmeel kan jy ook ‘n organiese beenmeel 6:3:4 kombinasie gebruik. ‘n Baie goeie wenk is om jou groente saad / saailinge nie op dieselfde tyd te plant nie. Plant jou saad / saailinge twee weke uit mekaar uit en verseker so dat jou groente nie alles op een slag gereed is vir jou kombuis, dan het jy ‘n verlengde oes!

Lekker tuinmaak!




Luister na JJ op RSG (100 – 104FM) se BrÍkvis met Derrich elke Saterdag oggend om 07h40


Sien ‘Vra JJ’ in die Tuis / Home Tydskrifte vir JJ se gereelde artikels



Our Wedding Venue

Garden World’s unique wedding venue is set within stunning gardens.  It offers bridal couples an unequalled opportunity to seal the memories of their special day in fairy glens and romantic gazebos. 
Contact Magriet on 011 957 2545 or 011 956 3003 or email her for details.

Leandi & Neville 2 s SMALL

Leandi & Neville 14 s SMALL

Leandi & Neville 38 s SMALL

2015 Wedding Special
Book your wedding now for between
May and July 2015
and qualify for a
10% Discount on the price per person!

(T’s & C’s Apply)



Children’s Party Venue

Little Mermain or Teletubbies Party

Little Mermaid party at Garden World

Teletubbies party

Busy parents opt for a party venue to celebrate their child’s birthday.  When you consider the time and cost involved in preparing the  party, a birthday celebration away from home becomes appealing!  AND, this is exciting for your child!

At Garden World, we believe in the importance of fun, laughter, love and creating unforgettable birthday memories.  So, we have created a safe, enclosed outdoor area as a party back-drop.  We have farm animals, playground equipment and a jumping castle to give children a fun-filled space in which to romp, play and be in touch with nature.

For more information, please contact Francois on
 082 551 8252 or email him for details.

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