Grobest from Makhro Home & Garden

Grobest from Makhro Home & Garden

Makhro Home and Garden introducing a brand-new product, Grobest, a 100% organic liquid fish fertilizer.

GROBEST Fish Hydrolysate (a 100% organic liquid fish fertilizer) is a natural way to supply an abundance of minerals and vitamins to your plants, whether you are growing roses, vegetables, fruits, ferns, or even houseplants. Provides many benefits but it is especially known for providing nitrogen and phosphorus that promote rapid plant growth, as well as the complete fats and proteins that microorganisms need. GROBEST is a hydrolysate, processed with enzymes at cool temperatures to retain all the beneficial components.

What makes Grobest FH100 unique?

  1. It is 100% organic (Ecocert Certification)
  2. Highest nutrient value per volume compared to any other organic fertilizer (more than 60 minerals and 10 amino acids)
  3. Highest C:N ratio of any fertilizer on the market (Ratio 1:7)
  4. The lowest carbon footprint of all fertilizers (even lower than making compost)
  5. Suitable for all types of plants from grass to shrubs to trees
  6. It can be applied as a soil drench or a foliar spray.
  7. It feeds both the plant and microbiome at the same time.
  8. 100% absorbable and does not leach from the soil.
  9. Cost-effective – 1liter dilutes to 200liters of fertilizer.
  10. Good for the environment… the birds and the bees LOVE Grobest FH100… because it is NATURAL.

What will I notice after using Grobest FH100? Visible differences … the ripple affect

  1. Faster, healthier growth with bigger dark green leaves
  2. More blossoms, more fruit
  3. Increased bird and bee activities in the garden (better pollination)
  4. Plants will last much longer and keep on producing blossoms and fruit.
  5. More uniform crop
  6. Plants are more pest and disease resistant due to higher sugar levels.
  7. Plants perform better in dry and wet conditions.

What can I measure?

  1. Higher Brix (Leaves and fruit)
  2. Healthier fruit with higher nutrient value due to higher mineral density (Fruit)
  3. Increased shelf life
  4. Soil pH more balanced 
  5. Increased microbial activity.
  6. Better soil aeration
  7. Better soil water holding capacity.

Why should I switch to Grobest FH00?

  1. It is GOOD for you
  2. It is VERY GOOD for the environment
  3. It is absolute pet friendly.
  4. It makes financial sense.
  5. You get MORE than what you pay for
  6. It is the best broad-spectrum fertilizer on the market.

What must I do know?

Grab your Grobest FH100 …. But it …. Try it …. And NEVER look back.

Available in 500ml, 1Lt, and 5Lt.

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