Exciting New Products from Makhro Home & Garden

Exciting New Products from Makhro Home & Garden

Your garden is a special place to learn about life and growth. Dry seed in one’s hand might look slightly insignificant, yet inside new life awaits. Covered with warm, loving rich soil and cared for with water, sunshine, and a bit of love, the seed develops to its remarkable potential.

And now that Spring is finally here, our team at Makhro Home and Garden is beyond excited to help make your garden beautiful. By now, you have prepared your garden for the season, and your green fingers are itching to start planting!

To help you with your spring gardening quest, we have launched some exciting new products.

Because certain pests might have developed resistance against your currently overused insecticide, it means that it is time for a change. Mikka is an organophosphate, making it the perfect solution to re-establish complete control of various insects in your ornamentals, roses, and flower gardens.

Halo, a product everyone has been anxiously waiting for us to launch. Not only is it a granular weed killer in conveniently pre-measured packaging. Halo’s ability to control the pesty Nutsedge and other types of broadleaf weeds are what makes Halo so desirable.

Sulfostar is an excellent product certified for organic farming (or gardening). Its low toxicity is not harmful against bees and natural predators such as predatory mites or ladybirds. Still, it provides control of various fungal diseases as well as certain mites and thrips.

We all want our living conditions to be as comfortable as possible. The same goes for our plants. That is why we need to provide our plants with pleasant soil conditions. Aquafix, a polymer planting gel, can help us do just that. By absorbing water up to 300 times its weight, it acts as a water reservoir. Along with water, it also absorbs water-soluble nutrients and fertilizers. Slowly releases it to the root zones as demanded by plants, which significantly reduces watering cycles and increases the seedling survival rate.

While our gardens thrive with the slowly rising temperatures, unfortunately, there is a downside. We can already imagine franticly waving away the insects buzzing around us, not to mention trying to protect our food from contamination. No need to worry; we’ve got more new products to ensure an insect-free household. 

A wettable powder that easily dissolves in water makes Karba 850 an easy insecticide to use in your household. With a measuring spoon conveniently included in the box, it’s as easy as a scoop, a quick mix, and you are ready to spray the insects away.

Alpha-Thrin is a high-performance concentrate insecticide, making it a perfect solution for long-term control over a broad spectrum of public health pests. It is also odorless, has a low toxicity level and application rate, and causes no stains.

Combining active ingredients from two different chemical classes that provide two very different modes of action makes Rossi 200 SUPER a powerhouse of a product. Due to its low odor and excellent residuality capabilities, Rossi is an ideal pest control product to be used in homes, hotels, hostels, restaurant kitchens, and many more.

Please feel free to visit our website for more information on the products mentioned above or call our office and ask to speak to a technical advisor for more gardening or product advice.



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