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New from Protek

Due to popular demand, Protek is now packing old favourites in new, innovative packaging.  

Termite Stop
Harvester termites feed on living and dead plant material and can cause damage to grass, leaves, herbaceous twigs and seedlings. They will invade and cause significant damage to lawns and gardens, to the extent of complete destruction.  Stop the destruction with Termite Stop ready to use bait now also packed in an easy to use, convenient 1 kg shaker box!

Cutworm Bait
Cutworms ruining your chances of growing seedlings?    Worry no more, Protek Cutworms will save the day!  These nocturnal caterpillars hide under litter or soil during the day, coming out in the dark to feed on plants.  They are capable of destroying an entire flower or vegetable bed.  Distribute Protek ready to use Cutworm Bait evenly in your garden beds and see your seedlings thrive!  Now also available in an easy to use, convenient 1 kg shaker box.

Snail Stop
Snails and slugs feast on plants, leaving a trailing of destruction in their wake. These garden pests often choose the leaves, stems and flowers of young seedlings as their dinner of choice. Stop these munching molluscs in their tracks.  Distribute Protek ready to use Snail Stop pellets evenly between plants.  Now also available in an easy to use, convenient 1 kg shaker box. 

Guanoflo is a 100 % natural fertiliser provided by nature and harvested by Protek - for you!  Made from pure seabird guano and certified organic, it can be applied as a foliar feed, providing the nutrients your plants need to grow and stay strong.   Now available in a value for money 200 ml bottle for the smaller garden!  Look out for the bright orange boxes in the gardening section of your favourite retailer.

Guanosol  is a 100 % natural fertiliser in pill form suitable for use in pot plants and for trees and shrubs in the garden.  It is so easy to use:  Just pop in a pill – one per large plant container or two to three pills for shrubs and trees and see them thrive.   Your fave fertiliser is now packaged in a bright orange box on a shelf in the gardening section.
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