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Protek - Your Trusted Partner in Pest Control and Plant Nutrition

Protek is a young, dynamic company and have been offering the best solutions in home and garden pest control and plant nutrition to our satisfied clients countrywide over the past years.

We are extremely passionate about our products, service and clients and strive to be on top of the consumer’s mind when they are looking for the best solution to their home and garden pest and plant nutrition problems.

Protek, with our professional and dedicated team, offer our clients a complete range of products and services to combat pests in and around the home and garden as well as value for money plant nutrition.

Protek strives to be the supplier of:
  • Quality products
  • Excellent service
  • Effective solutions
  • Value adds
  • General support
Protek keeps abreast of the latest market trends and update our product range on an ongoing basis to ensure that the Protek brand always offer the best and most effective solutions for our clients.

New from Protek

Sprayrite Spray Indicator
Is over application of pesticides ruining your garden?  Or do you accidentally leave areas untreated?  Protek Sprayrite spray indicator is a cost effective system to reduce over application of pesticides or leaving missed areas untreated.  The blue colourant is mixed with the pesticide solution and is designed to fade in sunlight within 48 hrs, allowing for temporary marking of sprayed areas.  Look out for the bright blue box in the gardening section of your favourite retailer.

Rodex rat and mouse paste bait and grain bait
Protek’s new ready to use Rodex rodenticides eradicates disease causing rodents in a single feed.  Rats and mice are very active in winter looking for a suitable place to stay and to find food, usually in our homes and gardens.  In winter, there is a decline in food availability and our homes provide an alternative pantry to these pesky rodents.  In addition to the health risks they pose, they can also cause severe damage to our property.   

Handy tips:
Never handle rodenticides with your bare hands.
Remove dog food as it contains Vit K, an anti-dote for anti-coagulants.
Use liquid bait where food is readily available and pellets or wax blocks where there is a food shortage. 
For safe application of rodenticides, always use a bait station.

Protek Insectidust is a ready to use, value for money dusting powder and controls a wide range of insects in your home and garden.  It is packed in an easy to use shaker for even distribution, no mixing, no fuss!

Avi Gard Mercaptothion
Avi Gard Mercaptothion is a value for money concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the control of a wide range of insects in your home and garden, including the dreaded fall army worm.  Simply mix the required dosage with water and protect your home and garden against disease causing and destructive insects.   
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