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Gardening as a hobby isn’t just reserved for those lucky folks with a big yard and plenty of cash to spare – you can make a beautiful outdoor area even if you have only a few square metres at your disposal if you’re clever about it. Here are our top gardening tips for couples who live in smaller, metropolitan spaces with balconies. 

Choose the right plants
First things first, you need to choose the right foliage. Balcony gardens are all about that potted vibe, so you need to select plants, shrubs and flowers that can survive in close confines. If you’re unsure about which plants would make it on your particular balcony, head to a nearby nursery and have a chat with the resident gardener. You’ll need to give them some information on wind direction and sun exposure, but once they have that they’ll be able to sort you out. 

Water with care
Overwatering is one of the big reasons why balcony plants tend to have a shorter lifespan. In soil-based gardens excess water can drain away naturally, but when you’re gardening in pots you have to make sure that you don’t allow water to accumulate and stand. Take the time to water each of your plants according to their needs and adjust the volume if you notice any puddles forming. 

Keep insects in check 
Balcony gardens do not deal well with insect infestations, mainly because your plants are living on top of one another. Be vigilant about insect control and get a handle on it as soon as you notice anything untoward, otherwise you could lose a few of your lovely plants in the process. 

See, there are so many ways to turn your balcony into an inviting outdoor space! Keep your eye on the blog in coming weeks and months for more great couples’ gardening tips and advice. 

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