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Your hydrangeas are now benefiting from the feeding in October and November. Keep on feeding to enhance the colour. 
If you are planning a vacation, arrange for someone to mow the lawn.  An unkept lawn is a sure sign of an empty house.
To keep your containers from drying out while on holiday, add water retaining granules into the soil of the pots. This improves the water holding capacity of the soil.
Prevent heat stress, keep your indoor pot plants away from excessive direct sunlight.
Put fruit fly bait out if you are unable to spray. Sugar water, as an attractant together with Malathion will keep fruit flies from the trees. Try out our new Eco-Fruit Fly bait.  
Use the flowers in the garden to make arrangements. Not only does this boost new flower growth, but it will also beautify your home. Pick early in the morning to ensure long lasting flowers.
Be creative this Christmas – give living gifts such as herbs for a kitchen. Friends with new homes would appreciate plants and pots for their new gardens. 
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