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  • Deciduous shrubs and trees that are in the wrong positions can now be pruned back and moved. Ensure that holes are prepared with compost and bonemeal. Water transplanted plants well and regularly to stimulate strong root regrowth.
  • Ad another dose of insecticide granules to all conifers.
  • Pruning equipment – secateurs, saws and loppers must now be cleaned and sharpened, as pruning season is about to start. Service lawnmowers and weed eaters now as the service centers will be over run in spring.
  • Keep bulbs, annuals and containers well irrigated as they can dry out quickly. Water early in the morning so that the soil has time to dry out before the low night time temperature can cause any damage.
  • Plan any changes to your garden. A new water feature, a different shape to the flowerbeds or a new colour scheme.
  • If you are staying in a cold area, and normally get severe cold, you can spray a coat of ‘Wilt Pruf’ onto the more cold sensitive plants to give them a protective wax coat. 
  • Plant warm colours of annuals during the winter months to visually brighten up or heat up the garden. 
  • Collect all the falling leaves and mulch the garden where possible. Even though this is unsightly, it will still leave a protective blanket on top of the roots.   
  • Keep indoor flowering plants well fertilized to encourage new flowers. Water with tepid water so as not to freeze the roots. 
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