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  • A good time to start cleaning flower beds, pruning and shaping shrubs. Do not however cut back any shrub that is winter or spring flowering, this will result in a poor show of blooms.
  • Mark positions of perennials which will disappear in winter. This will prevent them from being damaged during any winter plantings.
  • April is usually a good time to plant all winter and spring flowering bulbs. The ground temperature is now cooler, which is conclusive to great flower production. Plant in well-drained soil and with compost.
  • A whole spectrum of winter annuals is now available for planting. Plant now for early flowering.
  • Nip out the center growth of sweet peas to promote side shoots.
  • Do not leave your vegetable patch fallow over winter. Plant in peas and as soon as they come into flower, dig them over into the soil. This will increase the nitrogen content of your soil for the summer vegetables.
  • A good month to plant strawberries.
  • This is usually a busy time in the herb garden, harvesting the crop for drying and collecting seeds.
  • Keep an eye out for lily borer on Nerines.
  • Water Camelias deeply once per week to avoid bud drop. Mulch and keep soil moist and cool.
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