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  • Plant tulip and lily bulbs in compost.  Water every four days and for four hours at a time.
  • Water the lawn regularly from now through winter to keep it green. Kikuyu will stay green in winter with regular watering and feeding with Fertilawn or 3.2.1. (28).
  • A good time to plant trees and woody shrubs. They will establish their root systems while the top growth is going into dormancy.
  • Keep all deciduous fruit and citrus trees well watered and fertilized to ensure the future crop. Apply a 6.1.5. (22).
  • Start to think about frost protection for the tender plants in the garden. Use hessian or crop guard. Do not keep plants closed up all day. They need sunlight and air movement during the day.
  • Apply insecticide granules to all conifers.  They are prone to attack by the conifer aphid during the winter months.
  • Are you heating your home with electric or gas heaters? Keep a bowl of water in the room or put the pot plants on pebbles in a tray of water. This will keep up the humidity in the room and stop the leaves drying put.
  • Mulch your hydrangeas with an acid compost to enhance the growth and colour for the upcoming season.
  • Keep a look out for mealy bug and scale on indoor plants as well as on citrus and tea bushes.
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