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The French Door

Landscaped and constructed by: Garden Gate Landscaping

Designer: Arne Minnaar

I wish I had one, a French Door. I can walk through it when I need to escape to the simplistic functionality and romance of a French country garden.

The timeless doorway and path are framed by Bougainvillea towers with their under-plantings of dependable, colourful and drought tolerant plants. In contrast to this is the flowering vegetable garden, a gardener’s garden, where the plants are the true heroes. This garden has lush plantings that belie the minimal care required in this low maintenance and water-wise garden. Straight lined beds form a good basis for the unpredictable shapes of plants. 

Year round interest is created with the three main textures viz; the architectural succulents, flowing lines of the grasses and the flowering perennials.  

‘Geniet dit ~ Enjoy it ~ en Profiter’
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