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Visual Delight

Landscaped and constructed by Maureen Madiseng & mentored UNISA Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape students from TUT, DUT & CPUT

Designer: Maureen Madiseng

Supported by AgriSETA

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Entering the garden your eye is instantly attracted to the architecture with the tall arches, giving the garden a strong focal point. This is accentuated by the dancing, gentle spray of the water-feature and the tall terracotta pots which complete the picture perfectly. 

The gravel path leads you to a seating area which introduces a different point of view, allowing you to look across the garden. The flower beds are a visual delight of colour, form and texture. The topiaries are strategically placed along the path leading you into the garden. Soft grass textures outline the shape of every flower bed which is filled with a vibrant concentration of colourful flowers…. to “Colour my World”.
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