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A living-room, through the seasons…

Landscaped and constructed by: Strylitzia Landscaping

Designer: Lizette Nieman

This is a small courtyard garden that fulfils the aspirations of an outdoor living-room. Not only can you take pleasure in the outdoor living that a patio offers, but also grow, harvest and relish your food. Delight in the change of seasons evident in the plant choices; which use colour as the main inspiration.

The theme of ‘revamping’ the old design into a new space is the backbone of this design, for example, the bottom two tiers of the original water-feature have been transformed into planter boxes and copied in two other quadrants.

A centrepiece with a pebble designed detail, will serve as a decorative base for the seating area. Mosaic, containers, obelisks and ornaments are used to add to the colour theme, in addition to the annuals, perennials, roses, herbs and veggies used.
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